Creative movie car posters (15 photos)

The artist behind these unique creations is Kevin Henry. Check out his website, and buy a poster or two!

  • Dave

    he needs to make the Dumb & Dumber Sheep Dog Van

  • @AntiWojr

    The only one that I didn't know was the car from "Initial D" in no. 8. Anyone know if that anime is worth watching?

    • Breeden

      Awesome show. The animation kinda sucks on the first season but it gets way better!

    • Paxton

      Like drift racing ? The anime will be awesome.
      You don't like drift racing ? It will be awesome anyway 😀

  • Ever

    I loved these. For all the people who "didn't know who most of these were", it doesn't mean they're "bad" or "stupid". It just means you're not old enough to remember them. Stop making your young age obvious.

    Kid trolls aside, these were brilliant.

  • warouvish

    These r pretty cool. I would def hang a few up in my place.

  • Brent

    #2 #3
    2. Vanishing Point on the left, 1971 Dodge Challenger
    3. Starsky and Hutch on the right, 1974 Ford Torino
    The others are easy to figure out, have already been named, or I just don't know.
    We need the '55 Chevy from two lane blacktop, '32 Ford from American Graffiti, the GTO from dazed and confused, sheepdog from dumb and dumber and I'm sure there's a lot more I'm not thinking of.

  • Whoopi_G

    Very Cool.

  • Toba

    #12 Akira. Awersome poster.

  • K-O

    #14 – Just when I thought you left out one of the coolest movies ever, i scroll near the bottom and find it!!


    • dante37

      Yes, Transformers was awesome.

  • tideman4life

    I want the blues brothers as a desktop background, don't let me down Chive #14

  • big al

    I would buy some of these.

  • Anon

    You left one out!! It's the one I'm gonna get!

  • bkfrijoles

    Buying on, thanks Chive

  • Gman

    Should be in next "desktop wallpapers"

  • TheAndy

    Um…excuse me, but where the HELL is Smokey and the Bandit?!

  • wisemx

    #7 Got Good ol boys?

  • Ricardo

    ordered 4 of em, good deal at 10 bucks but shipping is pricey to canada

  • Phil

    That Akira one is bad ass!

  • Sluttypanda

    I don't even get what I'm looking at here…

  • -Matt-

    #5 I was about to ask on what MFP was, and was then going to suggest mad max, road warrior as another one they could have done. HA HA HA! Luckily, my brain started working.

    Oh man, that actually would have been the funniest thing.

    All of these are awesome!!!

  • Thank you chive

    Just ordered the 6 iconic cars from my childhood.
    Ecto, A-team, magnum pi, delorean, dukes of hazard and KITT. THANKS CHIVE for finding this. Made my week.

  • Chris

    Cool, now where is the Bandit?

  • Dana Xu

    all win

  • Tyler

    The red shark or white whale from Fear and Loathing and the Healy or Vette or Fiat from the Rum Diary. would have been a nice addition. Depp and Thompson full circle.

  • Anonymous

    #3 has got me stumped. I wasn’t expecting #12 from 1988 – AKIRA!

  • crazydog


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