Dresses so tight they’re constricting blood flow to my brain (33 Photos)

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  • Onizel

    #1 find her!!!

  • Fyre 13

    I'm sorry ~ # 18, #26, #31….WTF is up with the VPL ??? (Visible Panty Line )

  • Master_Rahl

    These are some incredibly hot women… I think my pants are getting tighter.

  • 1ch3nt31

    Find them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon

    Hey BP, there were two Black is Beautiful posts.

    Dumbass. But seriously Chive, do another to shut this whiny little bitch up!

  • DanTheMan10

    These days, the definition of the word racism has been blown way out of proportion. The definition as I remember is believing one race is far superior than another. Ive seen several black females in Sexy Chivers and other posts. Just posting pictures of one ethnicity or another definitely doesnt classify anyone or anything as racist. I only date white/Caucasian girls. Does that make me a racist person? Nope, that is just my preference just as its the preference of most of the Chivers. If the majority of the Chivin' crowd was black (excuse me, African American, dont want to be considered racist for calling you black) there would be a majority of black women showing up in the pictures. Post like yours are why I am losing faith in humanity these days.

  • Chris

    Can we get #21 minus the dbag.

  • Blackman 2boocoo

    Hot shit. Just need me some more Asian love and I’m straight

  • Ivan

    Thats the hottest group of girl pics I’ve seen…except the one with tha dude infront of 5 chicks…p/s Ms. Underwood ur always lookin good….WOW!!!…NYC baby

  • derrrr

    #1 holy shit MOAR

  • Woody543

    #2 #11 #13 #22 #23

  • Hairy Assnipple

    If that were me, my thumbs would be somewhere else.

  • AleSlayer7

    Wow! Keep posts like this one coming; there can NEVER be enough hot chics in tight dresses or yoga pants

  • http://twitter.com/alicesmith8719 @alicesmith8719

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  • Hydro

    #4 is Little Caprice. Look her up and thank me later.

  • manny

    sigh. 21 is STILL not me.

  • http://twitter.com/SaunderCamp @SaunderCamp

    FYI #6 is Jasmine Schrock and is an old friend of mine.

  • curtis

    #11 and # 22 moar please!

  • heffa
  • Francis

    Good god. I'm posting for the first time ever only to ask you to find #19 on the right. Jebus.

  • Anonymous

    Please find #2 before I pre my pants…..too late.

  • Eddie

    Wow!! #22. Can’t get any better

  • deceit

    Find 10, 23, and 30!

  • Scuba Steve

    MOAR, and please meet me at Starbucks lol

  • cody sanders

    #10 is hiding his boner from that hot chick!

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