• Kaylin

    too cute ❤

  • Reymont

    I planned a trip to Europe with my friend Andy, and he thought that wearing Canadian flags on our packs was a great idea. I had to think for a while about how to phrase my response, but I told him that if he DIDN'T fly a Canadian flag and got in a fight, I'd always have his back. But if he DID wear one and got in a fight, I'd leave him to it.

  • Jose'

    AMERICA!!! Coming to save the motha f@ckin day yeah!

  • Derbymon

    I have traveled through 21 countries. No, not as the rich guy…with a pack.I will generalize and say that I have found good and bad people everywhere. There are all personality types, everywhere.
    There just seems to be more beautiful women in Brazil, and genuinely warm open people in Mexico and southeast Asia.
    If you are a Jerk; you meet jerks. If you are nice guy; you meet nice folks.

    • po2 willie

      i have also been to 19 foreign lands and was never ever ashamed to wear the us flag, nor did I see a bunch of Canadian flags. I was surprised that with the exception of Latvia, there are just as man fat people as in the states, but no matter the sterotypes, people are the same everywhere you go. The food is different, the clothes are sometimes different, outward customs are differen, the attitudes are all the same

  • Dude

    See what i mean about americans. Your talking about going to Europe and getting in fights. Cant you just go and have a good time???

    • truth

      Your generalizations tell more about your than your misrepresentation about Americans. Perhaps you should spend more time in reflection on your prejudices than projecting them on others.

    • Nameless

      I think what he was saying wasnt we are going to go get in a fight. Its that other countrys are sometimes overly hostile to americans. And about the whole having to fly a canadian flag in england just points english having their own hostilities toward innocent american tourists. If an english person came to america he would just be seen as another face in the crowd. Not a potential victim.

  • Pickler916

    Anyone see Slow motion jump rope in a bikini after this vid? Lets get Emma Watson doing that…. Internet gold!

  • Da Sandman

    funny how americans think that they are the best people in the world, america is the best country in the world, america has the best culture in the world, american is the best language in the world (while in fact they speak a fucked up way of proper english, because the language "american" is non-existent), their shit is the best shit in the world etc etc etc…. This is extremely arrogant and people don't like arrogance. this is why america is shunned by many countries. You are not able to understand the meaning of modesty. While most countries value modesty, americans value arrogance. This is why america is filled with american pricks who think they are the best in the world (referring to guidos en guidettes) and that people who don't look and talk exactly the same way as they do are inferior to them.

    Your country has gone to shit and this guy has just shown it to you.

    • cap' merikan

      btw, its an american site, dickhead

    • truth

      1. You don't sound like you are from the US so I highly doubt you are speaking from experience. It sounds moreso that it is from a position of ignorance or bias.
      2. Do you think you speak for anyone other than yourself?
      3. The irony of your statement shouldn't be lost upon you. You are making disparaging remarks while coming off sounding 'extremely arrogant'.
      4. Claiming that the US speaks 'a fucked up way of proper english' is like claiming Australians speak 'a fucked up way of proper english'. The fact you assumed all 'english' is the same indicates you are either young or undeducated. In light of your comments, I think it is a little of both.

    • tbirk23

      what’s wrong with you? you go on a rant calling all Americans arrogant because they think they are better than everyone else and yet all u accomplished with that comment was telling all of us Americans how u are in fact better than us…. seems a little hypocritically to me. I do agree, SOME Americans are arrogant and then again, there are TONS of arrogant people in many places around the world. I’m American, so what, I don’t think that makes me better than everyone else, I treat every person I meet with respect unless they give me a reason not too.

  • low

    Chive why your video player suck so bad

  • Bob

    This guy is a stupid, Americans don't have an accent. Oh, and I would love to have sex with Emma Watson's vagina.

  • The J

    Hard to believe that country has been speaking English for a thousand years, Americans gettin' it right after only 200. Go team!

  • MattyMoe

    Um……this is meant as a joke…..did you guys miss that?? Guess so….thought “soccer moms” were just in America….guess it is a global phenomenon

  • UHM

    I wish thechive would figure out how to make their videos android friendly on their mobile site. Only time I have to watch all this stuff is when I am not at home & my office is very picky about what sites we visit.

  • Jose'

    Hey mr. Sandman! Way to judge the broad spectrum of all things American based on a ridiculously stupid tv show and probably one or two arrogant pricks you met at a bar. oh and 8===D~~ 0-:

    • tbirk23


      8===============D~~~~~~~~~ 0 :

      americans have much larger dicks than that

  • Rice Sauce

    The awkward moment when tons of Americans wear Canadian patches while traveling…

  • Anonymous

    News flash. America is better than your country. We invented planes, cars, even the internet (its true, Google DARPA Internet). Shoot, Google, YouTube, The Chive, all American companies. Also, our military would destroy your’s, whoever you are. It’s fine to talk smack, but its better if you can back it up.

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  • Alice

    I think Daiel Radcliff was pretty good!

  • Emma(:

    Tom Felton is so hot. oh my gosh.
    btw. this is a 14 year old girl talking. hahah

  • ffrid

    I think it is so interesting that people are getting up in arms about this so-called American superiority complex. Well guess what, every country and their citizens have this superiority complex. Yes, it's true that some nations are more hostile to American tourists. Which is incredibly stupid. Critique the government but you can't just write off the people. No country is perfect and a lot of the countries that are America's loudest critics do a lot, if not more, fucked up things too.

    I was born in Ukraine and moved to California in 1994. My family raised me to be grateful toward the US and to be a proud and productive citizen. I love this country because it really is an incredible place to live. Not to say it doesn't have some MAJOR problems but we're still a young nation and I believe things will improve.

    And finally, this video is supposed to be funny so people should calm the fuck down and enjoy the humor.

    • Rhomboid

      Last year I went to Paris, and I've never met bigger pricks in my life. I speak French quite fluently and tried to avoid being the standout tourist. The Parisians have a huge superiority complex, they just hate everyone who isn't French.

      • http://www.reemclubs.com Chris

        I'm a Brit, and experienced the same thing in Paris. However, I have heard that the Parisians are rude to anyone who isn't from Paris… Including other French people.

        I agree with ffrid on the superiority complex thing. I'm not going to lie… Americans do come across as more arrogant than their European counterparts. I think it's a cultural difference though, and Europeans are certainly arrogant too – just less overtly.

  • Kyle

    Ok, let's all just calm down for a moment and realize some important facts: 1.) People are going to have a lot of pride in whatever country they are born in. So an American is going to think that America is the best country, because that's where they were born and raised. Same goes for Europeans, Asians, Southern Americans, or any other people on Earth. So it's pointless in arguing over something that no one will back down from because everyone believes that they are right. 2.) Why does it matter what language someone speaks, or how they speak it? If you are speaking English, you may have an American accent, English accent, Asian accent, etc.. IT'S ALL ENGLISH. 3.) Everyone is ignorant in some way, so stop using that word like it doesn't apply to you. Nobody knows everything about everything.

  • WTF


  • WTF

  • Platinumjsi

    "Speak the right way, The American way", Really, its called English for a reason, The Yanks have ruined it, Didn't think it was possible to dumb down a language but they managed it.

    • Nameless

      He was joking and playing on the stereotype. I shouldnt have to point this out to you. Get over your unreasonable hate for americans and stop posting bull shit on the internet.

  • Platinumjsi

    How anyone can say the American way is the best way to speak the English language is beyond me tbh.

    • Nameless

      Oh i see you posted your bull shit twice.. Thats ok your were an idiot the first time and this just sets that in stone

  • ConstableDubs

    Talking with a really thick English accent is always funnier than it should be.

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