Genius or stupid? (30 photos)

  • p

    #9 nea… You look like a huge bitch

  • Haylzee

    #22, I'd buy that. Although I can see myself getting tricked by it too and trying to plug things into it.

  • @alicesmith8719

    Life is sometimes boring. Have you ever felt that something wonderful should be injected? Come—Onenightcupid.C/0/M—, you are bound to find your saucy sex match with hundreds of thousands of cute guys and pretty girls from around the world eager for hookups, one night stands, and discreet affairs!

    • Andy

      Fuck off spam monkey

  • @slemmedved

    #28 a MAN's tricycle
    #9 YEA

  • Sluttypanda

    #16 FIND HER

  • Bob H

    #9 FUCK YEA!

  • Lil b

    #6 I’m I the only one to solve the maze

  • Prezz

    #9 umm yea!

  • Scuba Steve

    #9 Why would you say Nea??

  • Anonymous

    #5 dont wont but need

  • tgor

    #25 of all of them Leia should be the one WITH a lightsaber, I mean she becomes a Jedi in the expanded universe, and has 3 kids who all become Jedi as well…. and that's enough of my geek mode for today…

  • DownZero82

    #9 Yea

  • Andy

    @ 17
    Damn, representing South Africa ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Evil Dung Beetle

    You've got red on you…

  • collin

    castle is south african beer equivalent of budweiser. very good and a pint is like a dollar!

  • ije

    #5 Imagine getting stuck at that door in a scary movie and there's a killer on the loose. You got no chance,

  • Den

    #17 only in south africa!

  • B Line

    #9 0.O yea…..

  • Ripley

    #6 I don't care for the beginning of stories, but I LOVE epic endings…

  • PadDy

    #12 simplly put, absolute brilliance

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  • drmzindec

    #17 South Africa on the summer! Fuck yeah!

  • Mee

    #7 My husband bought 3 of these from a company in China. None of them worked at all. The soda just leaked out everywhere.

  • ReinoutG

    #10 and #12

  • Madi

    I actually had #4 and trust me when i say that you'll spend at least 20 minutes turning the taps on and off again, amazed at the awesome-ness. You can also get shower heads that do the same thing but they don't last more than 3 months…

    • Madi


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