Genius or stupid? (30 photos)

  • Anonymous

    #24 I’m sick of douche ass hipsters!!!


    #16: let me show you how ………

  • etcrr

    #28 Hey buddy got a license for this thing?

    • luke s.

      use the force to delete this

    • bill alone

      as a retired (retarded) truck driver i bet he got

    • bill alone

      This comment will be deleted by the user.

    • Sleep_Salone

      bill alone…you're fucking crackin' me up

    • bill alone

      delete this, now!

    • bill alone


      • Sleep_Salone

        Fucking hillarious.

        • etcrr

          and fun wanna do it again?

          • bill alone

            it wasn't him, stan. it was me, bill, your father

            • bill alone

              wtf bmw lol lol pks

              you are an idiot

  • Nick

    22= genius. No one would think to look there Haha

  • Damien

    #17 being South African rocks

  • Jack

    #17 welcome to South Africa

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