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  • McDouche

    You are still a tard

    • youngNYC23

      what a fuckin asshole you are

      • youngNYC23


  • Fall

    She’s cute!

  • Keith

    Very cool…chive on Josh

    • Michael Trent

      Very cool indeed. Nicely done Chive.

    • Am I That bad

      Don't be silly… just had to laugh all the way through! Special!

      • Tee

        Yep , Go away arsehole , we dont want ,or need you making fun of anybody The Chive! Everyone has the right to enjoy life without fear of intimidation!

      • Niggle

        You seem intent on showing yourself to be a massive idiot with no feelings or humanity – when you grow up you will wake up sweating thinking about what you have said and the fact you have said it several times and probably bragged about it to your equally stupid friends will make you sweat even more. Until then why don't you f@@k off?

        • Am I That bad

          Not really. I'm entitled to my own response to this post.. Don't like it well tough don't care.. I thought it was funny.. A pathetic way to get noticed!

          • iChive

            The guy who is anonymously trolling a post about a kid with down's syndrome is calling the post a "pathetic way to get noticed."

            Dude, you're so edgy all the way from your mother's basement! Maybe someday you'll save up enough allowance money to buy yourself your first lay and gain some much-needed confidence.

            Karma is a bitch, you diminutive, pathetic little worm.

            • Am I That bad

              If it wasn't for his sister… i doubt he would have ever thought to do this… I'm not going to lie but this was a way for the sister to feel good about herself rather than raise awareness for her brother. Plus.. tell me who wrote those notes.. go on tell me.

              • iChive

                His sister, who loves him and is trying to combat the mind-numbing stupidity of callous losers like you–undoubtedly wrote the cards. It should make her feel good. It's a kind and noble act.

                But this is like arguing with a turnip. Go make fun of a cancer-patient or something that will make you feel content and fulfilled.

                • DMAC

                  Exactly, his sister who is using her own brother for her own ends. To make a statement about DS or to get internet famous. I can empathize with her situation but in the years to come, she will move on, he won't. It takes a very special care-giver to stay with a DS child for that child's life. More often than not it is the parents and when they are gone, a special home for them. Where will she be then.
                  But like you said, it is like arguing with a turnip. Except you are the turnip who believes crap like this.

                  • iChive

                    I bow to your clear expertise on the matter, DMAC. Let's openly mock Josh and deride his loving sister because he's probably difficult to care for. Chive on!

                    • DMAC

                      Please show me where I have mocked Josh. That's right, I haven't. However, I can accept the reality of the situation (mainly because I've seen it) where you can't. I know you thought you were being sarcastic, but at least you acknowledge me as your superior.

                    • Gabled

                      3 houses from me lives a 34 yr old guy looking after his 27 yr old sis with DS. You are describing your cynicism as realism because realism makes you sound less damaged

                    • DMAC

                      Whatever, yawn.

                    • SoCaSet

                      Dude, when you say "whatever" it means you lost the argument. Way to cave in, man

                    • DMAC

                      I'm sorry, were you saying something? Posts that begin with "Dude" generally have nothing important to say. Arguing with someone with a limited view is pointless. He has one instance, I have seen many. I'm happy for the family that he described but it is by no means ordinary and to represent it as such is dishonest. So, whatever. Yawn (that means I'm bored with this discussion).

                    • Hmmm

                      So bored with the conversation that you came back 9 hours after your original post to remind everyone that you're the super-expert on the topic.

                      Speaking of which…yawn.

                    • Smitty

                      Wow, I've never seen the comments come this far over to the right before. Congrats DMAC, you are the first Douchebag to push it this far over.

                      Do NOT start crying like five year old girl and say 'well you are commenting too.' Bull shit we would all have been productively commenting somewhere else instead.

                      But then you came along with the diarrhea dripping from your mouth with a severe need to have the smack laid down upon them. Am I That Bad at least had the sense to shut the fuck up.

                      Exploitation of her DS Brother for her own gain?

                      I can troll with the best of them, but you sir are not a troll. You are a USDA grade 'A' Douche Nozzle Dick.

                    • iChive

                      One more indent to the right, but Smitty FTW.

                    • DMAC

                      Sticks and stone and all but I can't help it if if you are sheep and can't think for yourself. Let me know when you are man enough to bring the smack down. I haven't seen anyone yet who can do it. You sure as hell can't.

                    • Chewdog

                      DMAC, from everyone in the UK and all of us true Chivers… you are a DICKHEAD!!!!!

                      You are the sheep who continues to believe they are superior to everyone, because you have more "experience". The sheep are those who read celeb magazines thinking its cool to mock people because they leave the house wearing no make-up, these things are trivial in life. If we all lived our lives like true Chivers (being kind, honest, caring, mocking those who take the small things in life too seriously) the world would be a better place.

                      You my friend live a shallow life, if you think what you have said is smart or funny. I myself live with a disability and without the support of my friends and family i would not be the person i am today.

                      It is people like Josh and Garce (and the fellow Chivers who agree this post is awesome and stand up against the soulless/ cold hearted people like you) that let me know there are still good people in the world.

                      Keep calm and Chive on.

                    • DMAC

                      I didn't even read your post because it's too long. You have something important to say? I did get as far as the sheep before I started laughing. If you had a rational thought in your head, you would see the sheep are the 99% posting here, including yourself.

                    • Smitty

                      aaaaaand the journey to the right continues! Hey, everybody! Come on over, the view from here is pretty cool. It's like standing on your head in the corner of your room. Same place, but the view is soooo different.

                      Sheep? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

                      When you regurgitate that old trope, I wonder who the sheep really is.

                    • Sheeple


                    • iChive

                      I'm a cow, not a sheep, goddamnit!

                      Sheep, tl;dr, and 99%, all in one post. Pretty soon he's going to be pulling out "your mom" retorts. Full troll self-destruct.

                    • DMAC

                      You are winning only in your mind. And the Cow look suites you.

                    • iChive

                      Awww! Thanks!

                      …Now if only you "cud" spell "suits"…

                    • iChive

                      You are udderly disgusting. Of course you are a cow: a stupid animal .

              • xspader

                You sir are the cum you mother should have swallowed. Its people and attitudes like yours that cause this world to be much harder for some than it needs to be. Just because you have been bullied or teased does not make it right for you to do the same to others.

                • Smitty

                  Indeed. He should get the shirt that says: "All daddy wanted was a blowjob."

                  • GBurdell

                    And you were create from the left over santorum.

                    • iChive


                • Respresto

                  I think you are on to something! If Josh's mother had just swallowed that load none of this would need to have occurred. Brilliant!

    • Michael

      Awesome post Chive!!! Josh, welcome to the Chive!!! Grace, you are a great big sister!!! To the both of you: Keep up the good work, and Chive on!!!

    • Reality

      It amazes me how many fake idiots there are commenting on this. We should hold him up and fill his head with false positives just because he has MS? That's not the way the world is. The world is cruel and the sooner Josh knows this, the more he can do with his life.

      • iChive

        It amazes me how many bitter sociopaths are gleefully asserting their own mental "superiority" over someone who has certainly faced more "harsh reality" that these supercilious douche-nozzles could possibly imagine.

        Saying someone is funny, kind, and an unconditional lover are hardly false positives, even if you lack the humanity to understand the terms. In the same way, saying that you're a useless boil on the rectum of humanity who should self-castrate to save the species is decidedly not a false negative.

        By the way, it isn't MS. It's Down's Syndrome. And feel free to Google any of the other big words I just used to insult you.

        • Reality

          So who exactly is asserting their supposed mental "superiority"? You. They are filling his head with false positives. Everyone is saying how courageous and awesome he is, when they don't know anything at all about him. False positives. Their basis for saying those things strictly revolves around him having a disability, no other reason.

          If you think that you used big words to insult me(or furthermore that you did insult me), you may want to try reading your statement again. I didn't see any. I didn't call anyone names, or even make fun of his disability, but yet you feel the need to attack.

          I did happen to notice you left "smart" off of your positives list. Who's judging who now?

          More name calling, or do you have an actual point?

          • iChive

            Nope. No point. Just a fake idiot returning some of that cruel reality to someone who can actually fight back. Glad you weren't insulted!

          • Smitty

            You have shown that you have completely missed the point.

            Let me go ahead and spell it out for you:
            The world is a cruel place because of bitter dickheads like you.
            It would be a better place it there were more people who could genuinely think like Josh.

            • Reality

              How do you know how he thinks? Answer: You don't.

              • Smitty

                A fair point, I don't know him so I suppose I can't speech to how he thinks…
                Then again, you don't either so you can't tell me how he doesn't think.

                The best judge of his character would be the sister he grew up with, the same sister that wrote the notes, speaking about her brother and his character. I'd trust her.

                • Reality

                  Fair enough.

      • Gabled

        yeah Mr Reality f**k the false positives. My young niece showed me her drawing of a horse yesterday. I said it was fantastic. Now I realise my mistake and I should have told her it looked like a yellow potato with ears. You are right Reality, we would all have been better for it.

        • Reality

          Thank you Gabled! I'm glad you realized that telling lies to children just to make them feel good is wrong.

          I believe the point of this post was to treat them equally, not to coddle them or fluff them up.

          Maybe I'm wrong…if I am, let me revise my statement…

          Josh, you are a courageous hero who spreads light and joy everywhere you go! How do I know this? Because I saw your picture with a bunch of cards that your sister wrote.

          • Gabled

            You dumbass. Maybe I should have used my sarcastic font. Of course I wouldnt tell her that her drawing was crap. How the fk were you brought up?. Ahhhh suddenly its all clear.

            • Reality

              It is apparent that it is you who doesn't understand sarcasm.

              You can tell your niece the truth without being mean. You apparently can't see the difference which is why you attack me for just stating facts. You could have said it looked like a potato with ears and laughed with her about it. Maybe it would teach her a sense of humor. At what age should you start being truthful to her? Maybe you should BS her for the rest of her life.

              Please enlighten me to my upbringing, since you have such a clear understanding of it.
              I'd love to hear it.

          • ladyfriend

            So it is obvious that you were shown "reality" as a child growing up. Some good it did you. If turning into a cynical pessimist hater is what telling children "how it is" does, then I think we should keep on with the false positives, cause we definitely don't need any more of you in the world! Stop Hating!

            • Reality

              How was I hating? Show me where I made one negative comment to or about Josh.

              You are completely off on my childhood, it was quite the opposite. The same reason you call me a blah blah hater, is the same reason you'll call Josh a courageous awesome hero. Both are based on someone you know nothing about.

              • Hmmm

                You're refuting yourself, Reality. You're saying that everyone is only praising Josh because of his disability, but that these kind words are "untruthful" false positives because these people don't know him. Yet you're asserting that the praise is undeserved because, what, you're his best buddy? How do you know he isn't awesome, funny, brave, smart or loving? Because he's disabled you're immediately assuming he's undeserving of praise freely given by strangers. That casual prejudice is how you "made negative comments to and about Josh."

                • iChive

                  you lost me. I don't think you understand pretty much everything.

                  • iChive

                    ^^So, somebody likes my name, huh? It's cool, you can pretend to be me. But I didn't write that.

                    • iChive

                      ^^Not sure who is doing this but I didn't write THAT. And I'm not cool with someone pretending to be me.

                    • iChive

                      Well, this is getting confusing…

                    • Formerly-iChive

                      Seeing how you have actually registered the name, I will defer to you not the other poster.

                    • iChive

                      Well, it's very nice to meet me.

                    • iChive

                      Not really, you are a douche

                • Reality

                  No, I'm not his best buddy, nor are you. So if you don't know anything about him, telling him he is awesome and courageous IS a false positive same as saying something mean would be a false negative.

                  I never said he was undeserving of anything, it is the people who are saying he's awesome and courageous that actually "feel sorry for him". That's why it's overwhelming positive on these boards, which was my initial point, hence the fake idiots comment.

    • douche
      • Potato


        • someguy

          I'll admit it, I lol'd. see you in hell douche.

      • Broken Printer

        I lol"d the fuck outta this… shocking.

    • Happy

      Time and place, this isn't it. Sorry I hate to be a jerk but seriously, I could care less.

    • Albert

      In unrelated news, the likes on this comment are insane!

    • Paula_

      Chive On Josh and Grace!
      Great post guys, for real. Excellent message.


    • ZachBob

      Damn you, Chive, you made me tear up. I have an autistic friend, and they get a lot of hate as well. [probably not as much, because they aren't as visibly different as those with down syndrome]
      Chive on, Josh. May you find people who love you for you, and may all the people who insult you have random body parts fall off at random intervals until they die.

    • Scott

      Chive On Josh!!

    • andrew


  • Jon

    Great post.

    • Am I That bad

      No it wasn't.

      • ladyfriend

        Yes it was. You my dear are just a hater!

        • fignewton

          I have *an* extra chromosome******

  • aaron

    good form, Josh – stay positive!

    • Am I That bad

      Nightmare on Derp street!

      • pete

        Fuck yourself.

      • fignewton


  • Underbaker

    Hi Josh, Keep it awesome dude!

    • Nick

      it's 'aN extra….'

      • Underbaker

        Hey if you want to be a jerk at least put in the picture your (<– this will drive him nuts) referring to. #8

  • Randall Nance

    That is very sweet! 🙂

  • Colleen

    I love this!!!!!!

  • Mikey

    I love this post chive. Can you change the name of the celebrity kids names post?

    • The_Dood

      I didn't even notice until you said something. Kind of funny that this was the very next post… Great post to get my mind off of how sad some people are though.

      • freddie mac

        First they came for "mentally challenged", but I said nothing because I was not mentally challenged. Then they came for "Derp" face, but I said nothing because I did not have a derp face. Finally they came for everything that was considered offensive be someone else, and I no longer had an internet.

  • Paul

    Chive on Josh & Grace

  • Stephen

    Another, in the long line of reasons, why I really enjoy your site, chive on Josh!

    • Pat

      *our site. The Chive belongs to the chivers 🙂 And we enjoy it together

  • Jay

    That’s awesome

  • Mudmonkey

    " real friends don't count chromosomes " Awesome.

    • freddie mac

      Yeah, too bad these retards spelled it "chrosomes".

      • Dirty Dingus

        Go Fuck yourself.

        • Critic

          Why? Freddie has a point.

          Don't tell me that you really, really, really loved this post?

          • Chewdog

            You're a tosser… the post is AWESOME!!!

            Keep on Chivin Josh

            • Reality

              Go back England!

          • Average John

            Really? Freddie may have a point, but read his word selection again. I'm not an "overly politically correct" type person, but pick and choose when to use certain words…..

  • why

    this site is so fuckin slow!

    • Sluttypanda

      poor choice of words

    • jordan

      congratulations! You win the award for first douche bag for this post. grow up dick.

    • Steven

      Boo this man!

    • Christy

      Or maybe you just need a computer because this site is never slow for me.

    • Tineye_guy

      It is very ad heavy. I have a fast connection and I can't believe how long it takes everything to load.

      • kryvian

        if you use firefox, get AdBlock add on, does wonders
        (I know the pain of heavy flash advertisement pages)

    • Mike

      Nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you log onto the Chive. If you don't like it, quit bothering all of us with your bitching and don't visit.

    • Sara

      Your computer just sucks.

    • Mr. J

      *high five*

    • Mr San Diego

      Its your internet connection dickhead!

  • Shawn

    Great Post!! Don't ever lose that attitude Josh!! Chive on buddy!

  • Kenny

    Great post, love getting to work in the morning and something like this being the first thing I see.

  • jamie

    pff, F*ck had a shitty start today, but josh you made my day way to make a badass ninja's day seen the light…

  • onebluephish

    Great post. You have a great sister too.

  • From the Hip

    Give that guy a KCCO Tee!! And something awesome for his sister too!

    • Question_Mark_


    • Karl


    • TheySeeMeChivin


    • Am I That bad

      No. What for? because he's disabled or because he did something courageous to earn it… No he dows not deserve one for free.

      • Tyler

        Well, you certainly will never receive a free KCCO tee for proper grammar. If there us anyone with a disability here, it is you, sir. If you can't see that what Josh did was pretty courageous then you very well may be emotionally blind. So please, STFU and GTFO. Thanks.

        • DMAC

          Exactly what did he do that is courageous? Mug for a camera. In that case, I should be awarded, nay, I demand the Medal of Honor!!!! He didn't do and doesn't do shit. Courage and hero are words that are too easily tossed around and have lost their meaning.

    • From the Hip

      Seriously Chive. If you have one in the offices I`ll buy it for him, you ship it.

      • JSkin

        And if you guys got one for the sister and you're not giving them to them – I'll pay for the other.

    • legion

      I disagree. Coming from a person who works weekly with children who have developmental delays, those with disabilities want to be treated the same as everyone else. Getting something for free because he has a disability kind of defeats that purpose. It might make the person doing the giving feel better, but the person receiving knows they're getting it because they are "different". Josh got his reward when his message was posted and we all became a little more aware just how similar we are to one another. That should be reward enough. Thanks for the post and Chive On Josh!

      • iChive

        Well put, sir. Or ma'am. But I do believe that everyone should have a chive shirt, regardless of genetic make-up. 'Cause they're awesome.

        • legion


  • otter

    Why is there so much dust in this post. Hold on, I have some in my eyes.

    • Shawn73

      I think there must be a pretty big dust storm across the continent as I've got dust in my eyes too…

      • Colleen

        I know! the dust is hitting me all the way over in little old Vermont. Whats up with people here, why so mean and negative! not cool! this kid had the courage to show everyone he is different and he is okay with it! why do haters gotta hate on everything!

        • Shawn73

          Not real Chivers Colleen…..KCCO.

          • iChive

            Yes, we are all phantoms of your imagination. We are all real "Chivers", whatever the fuck that means. Very few are posting negative comments. The ones you think are "not real" are just being realistic. The kid as done nothing special. Good message, but still nothing special.

    • Beej

      I was in a meeting with about 30 old HVAC contractors when "my allergies started acting up". Yes i actually had to use that excuse when one asked my if i was alright.

  • Whorebait

    Josh, grace, chive on and thanks for bein awesome 🙂

  • youngNYC23

    chive on josh!

  • grizzlet

    I kept waiting for the punch line….they could have done that in two pictures

    • bug_

      I'd hate to be like you.

      • tom

        Id hate to be him

    • Randall

      your an idiot

      • legion

        You're* an idiot

    • Dizzle

      I agree, I was waiting for the punch line too.

      • Mr SanDiego

        I was waiting for someone to punch you in the face…..

    • Peter G.

      Shut up, Meg.

      • Reality


      • Duke McWood

        Meg, who let you back into the house?

    • tim


    • BostonChiver

      Found the one a$$hole in the room, and for once no one is laughing with you.

    • Jeff

      THAT ONE GUY!!!!!!

  • Gabe

    Love this, Rock on Joshh

  • Bill G

    Obviously two great people in a fantastic post! Nice way to start the day. Thank you.

    • BloodScrubber

      ^^ What Bill said sums it up nicely. Well done the both of you! xD

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