My name is Josh (18 Photos)


  • mrahel

    Amazing! Thank you Josh and Grace! Chive on!

  • Benantiben

    Awesome post – Chive on Josh!

  • Joe

    So over censorship on The Chive. People are entitled to opinions, and you are entitled to agree/disagree, but erasing comments just makes you seem judgemental and close minded. I think I’m over this site.

  • Teller

    Josh you're the man, it takes a lot to confront all the idiots in this world who think they are Gods gift, you my friend truly are! Chive On to you!!! and Grace you're an amazing sister who means the world to that man,

  • Warthog

    Flippen sweeeeeeet… Chive on!!! Thats real love…

  • jhf60

    #18 – You've got great spirit Josh. Many thanks to you and your sister for sending in your photos to TheChive. May there always be an angel atop your shoulder. Josh, don't ever lose that smile.

  • travis h

    chive on josh!

  • CNG

    I would bang the shit out of Grace.

  • Dylan Harrington

    Chive On, Josh. Awesome! Great start to the day…

  • Erik D

    herp derp

  • Mikey

    Rock on Brother!!!

  • Brad Wright

    now I'm jealous. he has more chromosomes than I do 😉
    give'm hell josh

  • Shawn

    Awsome post, Chive on Josh & Grace

  • Big Papa

    Its post like what Josh does that really puts life in perspective. I really like things like this cause it give me a reality check…..We take what we have for granted. Thanks for the post Josh and Chive onnnnnnnnn!!!

  • Artie Sanchez

    You're the man, Josh!

  • Greg D

    I'm seeing this Friday morning, it's going to be a GREAT DAY! Josh and Grace thanks for making it beautiful….Chive On!

  • Michael

    It's too bad that Kim Kardashian is famous and not someone like Josh

  • Taytaie2

    One of the reasons I love this site, it is not one dimensional, Chive on Josh and Grace

  • Dickle

    That's really nice of his sister. Rock on ya'll! Spreading the Love.

  • Kevin

    Awesome Post!

    Sup Grace?

  • Cliff52970

    Josh you are whats good in this world…stay strong brother. Your sister is awesome no doubt…your loved bro. Cheers 🙂

  • infected

    Chive on Josh!

  • Mark

    remember if someone judges you it does not define who you are, but defines who they are.

    Chive On!

  • DChiver

    I love my sister and this post just makes me wish I could hug her now… ^-^

  • Grace

    For all the wonderful comments from you GOOD people – thank you! I am the mother and am so proud of these two people. To think that a fun little adventure could go so far and be so affective in giving a strong and positive message. Please continue to share with your friends. AGAIN, THANK YOU.

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