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  • zach

    Ignore all the jerks they are jealous cuz they are so much more lonely. I’m a bit jealous myself =P keep your head up!

  • Just some Geek

    Josh you're awesome and your sister is a hottie.

  • wkdfrog

    #16 That's great…now lets see Grace in a Bikini 😉

    • cormacmc


      After such a sweet post, why would you be a D-bag and se xualize her like that. Save those comments for the burn bras & Hmp posts where people are looking for that attention .

      Yes, Grace does look cute, but the comment is totally inappropriate here.

      Everyone that "liked' the post re-read how "wkdfrog" wrote it. The "that's great" is dismissive, this comment is basically STFU & strip.

      • DMAC

        So what is your point? I agree with wkdfrog: Lets see some of Grace's skin. That is why we are all on this site anyway. Anyone who comes here for deep intellectual discussion will be sadly mistaken.

        • mook

          I don't think he was looking for deep discussion, he was pointing out that for this specific post it was probably not the best choice.

          We may be on the site to see a little skin, but these posts are the exceptions. I think you guys may have been the only 2 that entered the post called "My Name is Josh" looking for skin.

          • cormacmc

            Excatly, Thanks Mook

          • DMAC

            Actually, If you follow the posts (and by now I sure you have), they have been more requests. Sappy, feel-good thread aside, we come to be entertained.

            • Transcend

              "WE "?
              I must have been away on the day you were elected as our rep.
              Personally I like variety. I usually like variety from the trolls too but you are dead inside and you just make me feel sorry for you. Must suck to be that miserable

              • pete

                Now who is making generalizations. I think the only miserable ones are assholes like yourself who buy into self-gratifying threads to feel better about themselves.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      I was wondering who was gonna be the first to say it…

  • Lowrent75

    Great post. Very true. Go Josh

  • Mb

    Great post thanks

  • Mike

    Fuck yeah Josh!

  • sean

    Best post on the chive I’ve seen. U guys kick ass. Chive on josh.

  • SrMattice

    Incredible post Chive on Josh!

  • DrunkenVENDETTA

    Finally something worth opening. If I had to see another reused image from a two week old post, I would have lost it. Chive on Josh

  • will2292

    awesome post. chive on josh and grace…

  • kidneyboy

    Chive on Josh. You and your sister Grace have given me a smile to start my day.

  • B

    Chive on!!!!


    Thats realy sweet! What a great sister and friend. You seem like a wonderful person and don’t let those “mean” words get you down, seems like there is alot of love for you. Your great exactly how you are and never forget that =)

  • Edward

    Great Post! Josh your awesome keep it up!

  • Alex E


  • IU Lover

    #10 "a lot" is two words.

  • Andrew W

    Chive on Josh & Grace!

  • Scottyboy16

    Love the post and the honesty. KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON Josh. Give those folks a KCCO or a BFM shirt. They deserve it. Thanks to your sister Josh for keeping it real.

  • george118989

    winner all the way

  • drbman

    get that girl a tshirt! chive on buddy!

  • Virulent87

    F.. Yea Josh…
    Chive On…

  • Thomas

    Awesome Post! Keep Calm and Chive on Grace & Josh! You two are amazing! 🙂

  • Cassodee

    Get that kid a Chive tshirt.

  • Fubar2012

    Don’t worry ’bout what the world says Josh ! That sister of yours deserves an award , be good , be strong and most of all …. CHIVE ON !!

  • @jhkayejr

    Great early morning post. This is one of the reasons I love this site, and also one of the reasons my wife has no problem with me loitering here.

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