My name is Josh (18 Photos)


  • BGee

    CHIVE on Josh and Grace. Well said!

  • don. t.

    Your sister must b a great person. Don’t let others put u down . Stay yourself

  • ciaran25

    made my day this post, fair play and chive on from ireland

  • Oddie Monsta

    Imagine he doesn’t have down syndrome and he’s just fuckin with us. Thatd be pretty epic

  • Mudmonkey

    Really ? Come on..

  • Zac

    No matter how awesome something is that is posted on here, you will always the douchebags that wanna ruin it… Either way… Chive on Josh!!!

  • mike

    The Josh abides. Chive on.

  • Mike-n-mississipi

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! CHIVE ON, JOSH!

  • jim

    josh needs spell check in picture #9

    • freddie mac


    • shtsquid

      Since you're such a stickler for spelling, Josh is spelled with a capital J.

      • Spolice

        Grammar, not spelling. A word is not spelled wrong because it lacks capitalization.

  • Anonymous

    I want to bang your sister

  • Anthony

    You guys wanna be my friends????

    • DMAC

      That is what Craigslist is for. You may what to check out Jobs in Ohio on Craigslist also.

  • LeaE633

    Awesome post Josh and Grace. You two rock. Chive on!

  • tcja4

    And this is why we love The Chive!!

  • Craigery

    If you like this, check out the movie "Up Syndrome." (Netflix carries it.) It changed the way I look at "retarded" people.

  • pat

    Josh you are wise beyond most people and Grace you are a great sister … I want to nominate Grace for the next sexy girl with glasses post moar pics of those eyes please !!!!!!

  • GWhite5

    Chive on Josh. Brilliant post.

  • wisemx

    Chive on, smile, praise the beauty in everything. 🙂

  • chuckyp

    Chiver of the week right there!!
    Chive On bro, the bullies got nothing on you!!

  • RoscoeRiver

    Made my day Josh!!! Keep being yourself.

  • sean

    is everything on chive from reddit or just 99% of it?

    • Craigery

      Everything on the internet is from somewhere else on the internet.

      • @JmsMr27

        And I do believe they say the search the internet to find things that are awesome to post here… Somewhere anyways.

  • Justin

    #8 "i have AN extra"……

  • Mikkel Hoegh-Schmidt

    Chive on dude!

  • wrangler 86


  • ZombieKillerThor

    this makes me smile

  • mssophieb

    Love this! Keep smiling & Chive on Grace & Josh!

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