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  • boonasty22

    Without a doubt the best post I have seen on the Chive. My day couldn't have started off worse until I saw Josh and his kick ass sister. Keep calm and Chive on!

  • @fgala

    Nice post! Josh and Grace = Awesome people 🙂

  • Jay

    Chive on, Josh. You’re more able than most people that possess 46 chromosomes.

  • t money

    will do buddy

  • Austin

    CHive on Josh, you got a friend in me!

  • grammar police

    grace needs a grammar lesson…. just saying,,,

  • Matt

    Chive On, Josh and Grace! You guys rock. What a great way to start the day!

  • Vodkanockers

    Fantastic… That is all

  • isa

    Your nick name say it all…you are a dick! Congratulations dick head of the day!

  • gray

    thats a great attitude Josh…chive on

  • Matt

    Oh, and top of that can we just mention that Grace is hot?! WoW!

  • you wouldnt want to know

    You are awsome josh, you inspire a lot of us who take what we were blessed with for granted.. keep being awsome and chive on.. and for those that make fun of you, go f*%k your selves and chive on..

  • meat42

    I was a Marine and now I am a college strength coach. It's often hard for me to show emotion as some see it as a sign of weakness….. thanks for this post. It very well may be the best I've ever seen on Chive. Chive on Josh, you and your sister ROCK.

  • Anonymous


  • jamiecorinne

    Thanks for making me smile, chive on!

  • Confused and dazed

    Chive and reddit same site? Chive always has reddit material a day later….

  • Shawn73

    A great example of how a simple message can be powerful. Chive on.

  • jon

    Love that post. If that doesnt inspire you to want to be a better person. I feel for you..

  • Kenny

    Damn straight! Chive on. And never stop smiling. 😀

  • Polaski

    que caras mas divertidas jaja

  • Tom

    Fuck yeah little homie!

  • bumble

    um..why is this on here? He's got downs, so we should sorry for him even though he says not too? dont get it, sorry. This guilt sorrow show doesn't work for me. Chive on Josh and best of luck in your future, but we already know that people like you are special.

    • JB21

      It's about raising awareness and acceptance, I think its safe to say that wasn't posted in an attempt for sympathy.

  • David

    Chive on Grace and Josh!!!!

    You put a smile on my face so I passed it on.

  • 'berto

    Thank you for some much-needed smiles and a reminder to stay positive, Josh and Grace!

  • perch

    cool josh

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