Strange images that result when you search them in Google (24 Photos)

This post via the good people over at Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • bkfrijoles

    #16 Oh Bronies

  • timmy tooth

    #20 i see nothing strange here

    • Miss Q

      Whatever, he's still hot

  • Sooon!

    We need to rise up and drestroy the upper class!! We must take there place as the new upper class!! Destroy the wealthy!!

    • ImpressMe

      get a job….

    • http://what james

      Grow the phuck up, you childish, cluless, wealth redistributionist, Obama suckling , Socialist douchebag. In your world, OTHERS work, but not you. OTHERS earn what they have. Assholes like you TAKE. This is something you don’t get, or just don’t care to get. What one person receives without working for, another works for without receiving.

  • Anotherchiver

    #7 lmfao, thank you

  • grendel
  • NaTaS

    #22 Nailed it

  • Kimmy

    #16 To The Bat Closet!

  • _Moose_

    It's Mostly Maui-wowie, man. But it's got some Labrador in it.

    • _Moose_


  • shtsquid

    #16 I still have no idea why, but when i saw this one i laughed so hard I damn near pissed myself

    • Unfkngblvbl


  • Eric

    Google uses the cookies on your machine to see what you've already been doing online, and then presents results based on your web activity to produce the best possible results tailored to your unique preferences. This is why, when we google ourselves, we tend to come up very highly (but try that on a stranger's computer, or a public computer, and you may see different results). So what the hell kind of web history does the person who came up with have, that google though this is what he/she was looking for?

  • Sieggelwald

    #24 That's not frozen, it's baked.

  • eebilodeau

    #4..that`s not camel toe that`s a moose knuckle!!

  • Theresa

    #4 Moose knuckle, camel toe's ugly sister.

  • TheAutomaticMan

    #10 all things considered, she has a huge rack.

  • liza jone
  • amandajean

    #5 I have the weirdest boner..

    • amandajean

      also applies to #23

  • Twig

    Is #10 Klhoe Kardashian?

  • Dcolbert

    I want back all the good will I sent you for the Country Girl HD post, Chive.

  • Daro

    #2 omg, read under the image when you search for this

  • Simon Ambrose

    #10. Isn't that one of the Kardashians?.

    • Simon Ambrose

      For clarification, I meant the one on the right.

  • Truth

    Pretty cool art #11

  • warouvish

    Not a fan of this post…just not feeling it.

  • its_forge

    #15 Cover from "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, art by the unbelievably awesome Frank Frazetta.

  • apprentices pillar

    One of your funniest photo-sets.

  • jay

    #5 Also comes up when you search, "Rex Ryan's dream"

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