All of this is true (37 Photos)

Via sadanduseless

  • MonkeyMadness

    #30 Ha! I am so doing that!

  • jrey81

    This post was full of laughs. LOVE IT! Especially #16 & #33

  • TheMan

    It's like you read my mind!

  • Hugh

    #22 Whoever did this obviously doesn't understand the English language.

    • Obi

      Apart from misspelling pronounced when rewriting this, its fine. This is the English language based on how it is actually spoken (not how one thinks it is spoken). Seeing as how George Bernard Shaw popularized this, I think he understands the English language just fine.

  • otter

    Loved #37. He was a comic genius. Mitch Hedberg you are very missed.

  • otter

    Loved #37. He was a comic genius. Mitch Hedberg you are sorely missed.

  • CaptainStag

    #36 You missed an apostraphe in IT'S and a D from SUPPOSED. You are fit to lecture nobody about typing errors.

    • JT

      well, the original post also missed an apostrophe in “thats”, but it’s ironic you criticize it for misspellings and then misspell “apostrophe” yourself

  • mike

    #27 ROYGBIV

  • captian caveman

    #22, see #36

  • red4

    #22 only got "gh" correctly. The rest are mispronunciations.

    • Obi

      Actually, that's a misconception. When you try on purpose to pronounce the word, you pronounce it differently than you do in standard conversation. It's a little linguistics thing.

      • red4

        'Fraid you're mistaken. Standard conversation does not dictate proper pronunciation. Many words are commonly mispronounced in standard conversation. If you're going to let derelict applications dictate fact, then you'd might as well accept misspellings as proper.

  • bisonbade

    #35 Seems about right

  • Haywood

    #36 Can you find the mistake?

  • Kimmy

    #22 That's nothing, try and learn Japanese I dare yer!

  • Guest

    #27 No boobs.

  • CinematicHeart

    I laughed too hard at these I think. #20 really is a true story though

  • Adrian

    #27 “the the”

  • staticnoise

    one of the best posts in a while. I liked them all.

  • Timothy Peverley

    #27 Besides the obvious extra 'the', the kerning of the words is atrocious.

  • http://thechive camo man

    Chuck effing Norris

  • Guile

    Well done chive, this was the candy that lured me to your van many moist dripping concrete walled nights ago.

  • UGTP


    You're right… *hangs head*

  • its_forge

    #36 I don't even look because I've been touch typing since I was thirteen years old and if I even try to look at my keyboard I feel the cold steel ruler of Sister Gertrude across my knuckles.

  • Jawbone

    #6 Do you usually add that you're a fat effeminate queen who doubles as a hack comedian?

  • Jawbone

    #20 So, scientists approved of those people? Or do you, in a failed attempt to be clever, not comprehend proper word meaning?

  • VileThings

    #36 Winner.

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