All of this is true (37 Photos)

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  • Bekka

    #9 you’re expecting a baby. Some people expecting and won’t get a baby out of it. Only photo that I didn’t like. Otherwise a hilarious post

    • Marcus

      Obviously didn't get the joke….best get off the internet and back in the kitchen making some sandwiches.

  • brianisanidiot

    Actually, it’s that the word “the” is there twice…

  • Anonymous

    the the

  • Max Power

    #18 Will Ferrell rip-off.

  • admachk

    #22 "pronounced"…. welcome to the English language.

  • ChestersMule

    #6 Zach has never been funny

  • Anonymous

    #27. Roy G Biv. “the” is written twice, as well.

  • Noegod

    Mitch Hedberg was a genius who died far too young, RIP.

  • apprentices pillar

    #31 This garbage is the reason the Chinese own your country. Say good-bye to "freedom" and hello to your new masters.

  • fly guy

    Half of this stuff is old chive….. something fresh for a change? Ive only been chiving for a couple months and I always see the same sh*t….

  • Lou

    I see no one commented on Zach Gallifinakis, and deservedly so.


    #1 The object is flying around fast enough to be ambiguous yet still be seen; unlike his running speed.

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  • http://Chive Jimy

    I do the same as 36

  • allthethingsifound

    #7 would've been a whole lot better if he'd spelt 'god' with only one 'o'…

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  • Meg

    I guess I’m lazy!! Lol

  • Tony

    #8 and #26, hilarious

  • Always Last


  • stormtrooper

    I laughed pretty hard at these…so awesome and so true!!

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