Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    First y’all

  • Jewels


  • Anonymous

    First y’all Again

  • pwheezy


    • neddy boy

      you're a loser of the highest degree

  • Fizzel

    #14 moar plz

    • Vic

      So let's go watch some college girls vball. #14.

    • captBADtouch

      2nd that request

  • baba zooooom

    #13 I've got the golden ticket 4 ya Charlie!

  • Dan

    So is the guy in #3 famous?

    • neddy boy

      he was 1 of the jackass crew, RIP Ryan Dunn

      • Sticky Wickets

        I don't know who that guy is but its not Ryan Dunn. Your both missing the point of the picture. Check out the two girls in the background.

        • Sticky Wickets

          I'll go ahead and get this out of the way. You're*

          • That_will_be_all

            grammar… it really isn't that hard to figure out….

            • RayBoogs

              How many times did you check that sentence to make sure it was correct? Haha, I checked this one a fair few times.

              • DirtyNJ

                Grammar Nazi's are faggots.

                • Gramma Nazi


              • Your Engrish Teacher

                Check it again: "a fair few" is kinda awkward.

                • moooo566

                  A fair few is a construct used a lot here. I don't know about wherever you are. Roughly translates to lots.

  • Michael Vallance

    #3 Who is this clown?

    • Sticky Wickets

      its a photobomb

      • theAdventuresOfJim

        yeah but the girl on the right seems to recognise him

    • MylesofStyles

      Carson Palmer?

      • Jon G

        Definitely not Carson Palmer.

        • Brock Lesner

          it's Shia LaBoof

          • MylesofStyles

            Bill Clinton?

            • Sticky Wickets

              Its Shaq

    • 2cbeats

      your mom

      • the other OTHER Jen

        its fucking whoopie goldberg, you idiots.

  • El_Hefe

    #35 is she trying to pull the second floor down?

    • elliott

      no faaaaiil. its a beer staff and he is pretending its his dick and shes dancing with it

  • Dazilla

    #8 please FIND!!!!

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      She's close to a highway…1st clue…

      • Anon

        She's heading east! If everyone goes that way we are bound to get her..

    • 65Elco

      San Fernando Valley perhaps

    • Dan

      Nasty looking prostitutes turn you on?

      • fgg

        srsly, please find so we can get rid of her.

      • neoconfection

        Fuck these guys

        • james

          shes hideous

          • me2

            fair enough… if she'd ask, you'd do…

        • neocon

          she would for a buck each

    • Ling

      Would be more satisfying to masturbate with a piece of burnt toast than get in bed with spray tanned plastic.

      • Kristian Sorensen

        come on guys look at the positive side flbp
        cause bewbs

      • bob

        shes black retard

        • Okuma

          As the great Kumar once said "Please, she's barely tan."

        • Jman

          actually, i first thought she was black. now i think she is white (ish) with a hardcore tan. usually hate fake tans but damn she looks good

    • Matt

      Definitely find, she is extremely good looking and I won't complain once if there fake. Would love to see her burn it.

  • Nutrod

    and what is the context of 37

  • lonin

    #49 YES

    • dda

      more please

  • Bolt

    #14 Yes!!

    #33 find!!

  • BloodScrubber

    #18 This was quite possibly one of the best postings I've ever seen on TheChive.

    • Chaos

      Second that. Motion for vote by all Chivers?

      • Pointed Sticks

        Motion approved

    • Pedro

      try looking at more than 2-3 pictures on the site then. This pic is stupid and boring.

    • whyme1973

      I hope country girl continues to be a regular here. Incredibly sexy.

    • Johnny

      Didn't look at her face did you? I can't blame you haha. But this is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from the best I've seen on thechive.

  • jj

    #16 what happened, if u don’t mind me asking?

    • hannah

      he lost his arm, are you stupid?

      • Jewels

        Love your answer Hannah!!!! Made me howl with laughter after a stressful as hell day!

    • Qwixel

      Woke up, the blasted thing wasn't there. Tiger mostly likely.

      • Corwin

        A tiger in Africa?!?

        • John

          Aaa, well, it probably escaped from a Zoo…

          • Pakenham-Walsh

            Doesn't sound very likely to me…

    • Simpsons did it

      When your bus driver tells you to keep all limbs inside the bus, listen!

  • neddy boy

    #22 made me laugh my ass off

    • Bon_nie

      Indeed, I need to print this out and take it to work!

  • aaron

    #24 is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen!

    • dda


      • Sic

        ID anyone? I'm thinking it looks like Bryci.

    • mike

      yes yes

    • neville bartos

      am i the only one that thinks thats a penis between her legs??

  • ned kelly

    #37 you got purdy hair.. now kiss me

    • yodaddy

      Can we please have some potato chip adds like this here in the US… Please.

    • PaddyoIrish

      Pity the woman of ireland complained about them.

  • MikeBedlam

    #8 #18 #29 I'm speechless. Another great week, Chive.

    • Asshole Aplenty

      If it made you speechless then you couldn't have anything to say

      • Jak

        That's why he typed it…on a keyboard.

  • chillassbeejay

    Is it bad that I know from which post each picture came from? So addicted to thechive, no luck with a shirt yet though.

  • todd

    #8 yes please

  • Dirtball09

    #41 Looks like the Schmidts Gay Beer commercial

    • That_will_be_all

      i hear ya… the best thing they could come up with for the extra bottles is a heart? really?

    • bsc249

      4 guys alone in a pool surrounded by empty beer bottles with a heart on the side… hmmmm

    • daveeh

      pretty sure thats here in Puerto Rico. Lol pure manliness

  • benoit

    Could you find #42 plz plz plz

  • csor1120


  • csor1120

    #49 also MOAR

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