Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (40 Photos)

  • its_forge

    #14 Did y'all guys notice their underpants are down too? What marvelous new tradition is this I wonder.

  • did I stutter?

    jesus christ chive do you even look at the pictures? #29 is CP for sure

  • Ashley

    #18, I’m sorry, but eww.

  • Assgrabber

    #28 All of them are holders but the "Ash grabber"

  • Timmah

    Find #40! SMOKIN! HOT!

  • M.O.T.

    #31 Chive, I love your site but if you show these dirty scumbags again I'm never coming back. M.O.T.

  • Dan

    #31 when 50,000 people make at least $50,000 less than you

  • Carysta

    #16 looks exactly like that 🙂 It's in Tobermory, ON and is super close to the surface – more or less depending on how low Georgian Bay is.

  • Jonus

    #39 Forever Alone

  • 2cool4skool

    Hell yeah Chive, go HD!

  • Artoxx

    #12 "Red below, black above." Gonna get me some black girl? Or is this MUCH worse?

  • bender "over"

    #23 im not seein it bro….. where?

  • P90

    #1 Namor?
    #13 Damn sexy.

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