Hot girls of Facebook (30 photos) did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. All pics submitted by users and no guarantee any of these photos are actually on Facebook -but seriously, who cares if they are or not, they are hot as hell.
Do you have a hot Facebook friend? Better yet, are you hot? If so, it is a matter of national security that you upload your photos on our SUBMIT page or email all hot pics to: thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Do it for your country.

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  • Coloradoenrique

    I don’t generally leave comments, but No. 11 is so epically beautiful I had to stop and give her some credit. Gorgeous girl.

  • Daddy valentine

    #10 whats ur name haha

  • amit

    i like u. u r very beautyfull girl.

  • http://Awansblog MD.AHMED


  • Baller85

    4,10,11 wow hope your near Cali 😉

  • Juston

    #25! Her name is Holly. I had her number at one point but lost it along with my old phone! Chive, please find her for me!

  • guest

    #24 is tnt


    We need to get these girls dancing! Also feature them on Usually its the girl next door type that is the sexiest.

  • bus666

    in love with #5

  • Paul

    In love with #1-#5, #7-#11, #23-#18 and #30. FIND THEM!!

  • Zack Crisp

    #10, 11, and 30 are free to hit me up. at any time

  • Football80

    I'm really like

  • crewchief86

    #10 #11 MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • HardenLong

    #23 is amazing

  • Flex

    #1 and #19, would like to be locked up in a hotel room for 48 hours, with both of you

  • jim

    #30 Fun times in Chicago…

  • Roman

    #9 and #11 FTW. Both stunningly beautiful!

  • John

    #5 #8 #10 #11 #23 #24 #25 MOAR please Oh GOD MOAR!

  • lew

    I'll take #5 #11 and #24 anytime

  • http://Yooha Waheed khan


  • http://Yooha Waheed khan

    Hay dost

  • avinash gangane

    very nice

  • Devora75

    #10#11 this two grl sexy and beautifull

  • billyjack13

    I like #17 and #23

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