So the mud girls didn’t work…try my high-res ideas for the weekend (25 HQ Photos)

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  • Mud

    Smooth Rick… smooth

  • Chunk Pants

    Works on the website but not for iphones, meh…

  • http://thechive dajora

    Not just iPhone but Android to

  • Mike

    Or Windows Phones

  • Stanley

    All seems a bit phoney

  • Julio

    I miss 24 pics

  • Julio

    Im missing 24 pics

  • JtheProducer

    It seems like brigade can’t count

  • rick

    Doesnt show all pics

  • Theeffinjeff


  • shenanigans

    But damn look at that ass.

  • sugar

    Another fantastic job, got all 1 pics.

  • Nitro

    You gotta click and go to the brigade. We go over this every week guys.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really mind not seeing all of them. Does no one else see the incredibly sexy ass on their screen?

  • Fatimus


  • Mike

    You have to leave thechive and go to thebrigade, if you don’t do this you will only see on pic. The only fail here is you morons!

  • fisharms

    How about linking directly to the brigade site instead of everybody going thru this crap?

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you download the Chive App from the Android Market like I did. BRIGADE works just fine. Oh and I have a Thunderbolt

  • Anonymous


  • Fatimus

    Can’t we all jus get along? P.S. Fail

  • Joe

    Don’t go. Not worth it!

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