The most beautiful waves ever surfed (HQ Video)

Headphones on/volume up. This is Teahupo’o, a break off the coast of Tahiti in French Polynesia. The waves here literally suck water off the reef below, creating a vortex that puts the back of the wave at sea level. It’s some of the fastest, thickest waves in the world.

  • Cory D.

    Freaking Amazing!

    • YourMom

      I can understand why most of the surfers ate shit. I bet its awful tough to keep your balance with balls that big.

      • mihaisuzuki

        Well said sir!

  • etcrr

    Unfreakin Believable

  • Joe Testarosa


  • myself

    Utterly amazing.

  • A2_tha_MFK


  • SoMyNameGoesHere?
  • Mack318

    I think one of the most beautiful parts of this is the vision of man attempting to ride the power of mother nature, yet while doing so, we are understanding of its unending awe and power. This invokes more emotion that anything has in a long time. Thank you Chive

  • ezjio

    they all died

  • Tyler

    I just got a hardon!

  • jedi

    A brilliant and inspiring way to start the weekend. Chive on!

  • Blue


    • bobbyBrown

      Fully Flared

    • greg

      Thank you, since Chris Bryan doesn't care to credit the music.

    • Queue

      Song is called "Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun".

    • GoinPostal

      Anyone know why you can't buy this song on iTunes or even find the album 'Before The Dawn Heals Us'??

  • Da Sandman


  • Bobby Light

    Meh. Go to youtube and type in "Teahupoo code red" to see them surfing these waves in real-time…Your jaw will be on the floor.

    • jij

      There is no part of this "Meh". Not one second sir.

  • Huge

    F an A!

  • Rop

    That was probably one the most calming things I’ve seen on the net. Thanks.

  • Pikesville

    I chose this song for the soundtrack to my son's 3D sonogram.

    • Cathy

      what song is it?

  • Boonz

    That is a thick juicy beast of pure terror…..she said….. the wave is nice too

  • justme

    Mother Nature at her finest.. That was religious!!!!!

    • meeee

      no, that was surfing

  • Albert

    Get pitted!

  • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

    Next to the birth of my children, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

  • BadaBoom

    Holy sh*t that is a lot of water landing on ya… Scary!

  • rdbk


  • dominantone

    I think these guys take light at the end of the tunnel a little to serious.

  • Steverino


  • thrillho

    If you like this, you'll love this clip of Laird Hamilton taking on Teahupoo. Fucking INSANE:

    • thrillho

      BTW, that clip above is from "Riding Giants"…..a must-see documentary about big wave riders.

    • Albus Q

      Holy crap dude.

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