• .........

    Awesome, 5 new posts on the site and none of them on the app I bought from you. Pretty shitty chive

    • tripod

      plus that shit be crashin all tha time mang

    • Guest

      Hows-about you harden up and just use a computer? What's amazing these days is that you can actually choose not to use something if you don't like it :O

      • john

        Can't use a computer while on the shitter! That's what the app is for!

        • John Bishop

          Hey john you irish?????

        • Just Sayin'

          have you not heard, a brand new form of technology is being developed where you can use a desktop on your lap. i wonder what they'll call it…

        • greg

          mobile site dumb dumb

      • Jack_LeMac

        it's less about what device you're using and more about the fact that if you're being charged for something it should work

        • Gun_guy

          True. But in a pinch, can't you just browse via the phone's internet browser? Hmm.

    • RYAN


  • El Chive

    I want to scroll the DAR on my window…

    • BloodScrubber

      Now THAT would be awesome. *applause

    • derp

      They would see you fapping on hump day.

  • Chivette11

    Yeah looks cool until a fallen tree branch takes out your expensive ass window. 😛

    • Collin

      That’s what house insurance is for, my friend.

    • Ace

      Do trees often take out your cheap ass windows?

      • StaticFX


      • bryainiac

        I was about to say something smart but you pretty much did it for me, kudos sir.

    • James

      It's called insurance. Solves issues like that.

      • Michael

        Since it's an electronic screen, you could actually just mount it on a wall, and it could be a window to anywhere you wanted it to be. A webcam mounted on the outside of the house would do the trick

  • Daguerilla

    Hell yes

  • mickdeck

    Almost as cool as the silent blinds from Twin Peaks.

    • ZAX

      Well done, sir.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    It's not a window…It's a glorified iPad mounted to a wall

    • FoCoLivin

      Really? Can you see through your iPad?

      • SlimtwigMJ

        No, but you can't see through this screen. The image moves similar to other 3D type gimmicks. I'll get excited if they ever show me a truly transparent screen doing these things.

        • nameless

          It actually *is* a window

        • assman

          you sir are retarded…it is TRANSPARENT which means its structure on a molecular level is arranged in such a way that light is not distorted or absorbed as it passes into and through it…take off that stupid hat

        • FoCoLivin
          • Hatethe1%Killthemall

            while all you stupide fucks are standing there at your shitty window i will be SITTING in my epic chair at my desk with my beast of a pc laughing at the stupid shit you buy that gets posted on this stupid site

            • Hatethe1%killthemall

              don't bother with my speelling errors when i see stupid shit my iq drops greatly…(for those of you who get it I am looking at the chive…(fucking idiots))

              • Human

                HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! you're funny bro, you're funny. HIGH FIVE!

            • Adam

              It's fine, you can have your beast of a PC.

              I'll have my beast of a PC as well, along with my beast of a laptop, and my fancy window.

              also, why the hell would you want to kill the mall. It's a building, you can't exactly kill it.

              • burn1D0WN

                i really hope you were trying to be funny… kill the mall = kill them all

  • RatedR401

    kind of cool

  • bud

    so people on the street just see you poking your window?

    • asdf

      She said it was a one way window. were you paying attention, or were you looking at the lady in the red dress?

      • dukeofohio

        if its a "one way window" its not a window

        • StaticFX

          it isnt? if you can see through it.. its a window.

          • Hard time

            she said they can't see what is on the screen – i.e: emails, websites, calendar info. people probably would see you just poking at your window.

            • ^This Guy

              You're an idiot.

          • Dukeofohio

            you can see through a peep hole but a peep hole is not a window.

      • Adam

        She said people can't see what you are looking at from the other side, she didn't specify if that means that the other side was opaque, a mirror or something else. It's possible that the way the screen is set up means that why they can't see you're porn, they can still watch you fap…

        • NJF

          xD Hilarious example.

    • glitched

      it would be like a one sided mirror

  • mooseknuckle907

    I like it! just one more place to watch porn.

  • tralfaz

    So freekin cool!

  • Yeah

    Fuck outside because Facebook!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Does it come in 'bathroom mirror'?

    • asdf

      maybe not from the same company, but yes, there is also a smartMirror that does a lot of the same things that the window does.

    • fastjackk

      would be awesome as a shower cabin panel

    • Adam


      Add a camera and it can go back and forth from mirror to window

  • more problemos

    wasteful no wonder our world is going to shit!

    • Adam

      wasteful how?

  • Mike

    If the chick on the video wasn't so homely and lame, I might want to actually check it out.

    • asdf

      and if you weren't such a douche, maybe a girl would want to date you.

  • Harpoonthemermaid

    Anyone else notice she mentioned it being a kitchen window?

    • robbie


    • kon

      forget facebook. make me a sandwich.

  • DOVA

    Why the fuck does my window need apps? Oh thats right it doesnt. Its cool there is no denying that but its a damn window. My current phone could do everything that window could do and more.

    • Wyph

      Yeah, but your phone is not as big as a window.

    • Evan

      Also your phone isn't a window.

    • myself

      It would be pretty sweet to put of a numerous recipes and not have to worry about them falling down, getting shit spilled on them or getting a book all nasty. Also when I can check the DAT whilst making dinner I'd be fucking thrilled.

    • Adam

      You could possibly set your window to show a different view than what is outside.

      The addition of a camera could make it change from mirror to window.

      Could be incorporated to a home security system to make it easier to monitor when something goes wrong.

      Could program it to open the blinds automatically with your alarm.

      It also doesn't need to be a window facing outside and could be built into a cabinet or room divider, allowing for varying decorative animations and pictures to be displayed.

      There are many reasons why technology like this is a good and useful thing.

      • Lux

        Plus, imagine the physical space it saves for entertainment. This is virtually a zero thick wall mounted display. Although fragile, but seeing as how TVs are getting thinner and thinner each year, mind as well make it a window. Can't wait for this technology to become dirt cheap!

  • Amigo

    forgot to put the virtual blinds on the window computer…. all my neighbours saw me jerking off 😦

    • Guest

      Then you can watch your self jerking off on YouTube as someone filming you goes viral…

  • GernBlansten

    Shouldn't she be busy making sandwiches instead of fucking around with a window?

    • Rick

      Tru story bro

    • Adam

      recipe app could be installed

  • Kieth

    Pretty Flipping Awesome actually. Hook up a cam to it and you have a window/videophone/recipe/google/apphaus/television all in one USEFUL device/window. The Jetsons are finally coming round. Kind of a shame Microsoft didnt come up with this idea first. I mean **cough cough** Windows **cough cough**.

    • asdf

      I see what you did there. lmao

      • Bazz

        Did you really laugh your ass off??? It didn't really seem that fanny.

  • Cobra

    I want to see how Xhibit is going to put this in the windshield of my 86 Pontaic Fiero.

    • XR4TI


    • The_Dood

      That's one of the funniest comments ever. It has everything. A meme, topical accuracy, and a Fiero!

    • Adam

      Yo dawg, I heard you like windows, so we put Windows in your windows…

      I'm sorry, I would have continued this joke, but I just got a BSOD and crashed my car

  • jadeDHero

    This is cool as fuck. Even if you don't use it as a "window," because it's transparent you could mount it just about anywhere and it wouldn't be an eyesore when it was turned off. Hell, you could put legs on it and use it as your kitchen table. Too bad I'll never be able to afford this.

  • TommyB

    This is so awesome. Now women will have something to do whilst making sandwiches!

    • Wow...

      Are you friends with etcrr?

    • Bazz

      What do you mean something to do whilst making sandwiches?? They'll be making sandwiches whilst they're making sandwiches.

  • Rick

    It would fairly awesome if it is made from some unbreakable glass, otherwise its just an expensive accident waiting to happen. What would also be awesome and take it a step further would be to have a remote via your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. Schweet!

    • Erich

      I'm willing to bet Owens-Corning makes the glass for them. Their Gorilla Glass product is incredible.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Nobody will want one until Apple release the 'iWindow'.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      should that happen, microsoft will be fuming

      • Dunkhan

        Bwahahah!!! iWindows 95 by Apple!!!

    • Stewgerts

      thank god steve jobs is dead so that won't happen

  • IAmKazaam

    this is too much… just too much. There are enough screens we look at all day.

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