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  • Anonymous

    do want.

  • TBT

    She must be excited about her future kitchen.

  • Steph

    Amazing. Can you imagne sticking that on your windshield?

  • shaunvw

    Thats fucking dumb. That will really help fat ass kids want to go outside. Now when its a beautiful day outside kids can go look out the window to see all of there friends….on facebook.

  • Hunter X

    the use of LCD as a window blind is already nearly 10 years old. I'll admit a computer adds usefulness to it. A lot of questions remain, however- climate, damage, COST, etc.

  • Kalicov Ision

    I hope its bulletproof.. imagine the repair cost<??.. fucking stupid..unless it followed u as u walked around the house so u wont miss your show.. Lol

  • Tori.Is.Thee.Bestest

    i think its pretty awesome AND a waste of money……Why cant the window just be a window? and nothing else

  • Felcus

    She's excited because it would be in the Kitchen.

  • @Everclear13

    Is anyone really going to stand at their window and surf the web. No, no they won't! Waste of time and resources.

  • Sparky

    Pretty awesome.

  • cory

    Why the f would I walk over and stand in front of my window for that crap? Put it on something glass I already have to look at as part of my day. Like my mirror, or my shower door, or my windshield. Okay, maybe not my windshield.

  • Friendzoned

    Did some noticed the DON´T TOUCH sign?

  • itsgalf

    This is a total waste. A window should just be a window. I hope this fails hard.

  • CoRo

    Meh, people should appreciate the outdoors more instead of walling yourself behind endless gadgets and monitors. Now, if they made a window that is also a solar panel, then I'd buy that.

  • rockets

    I am so gonna drop a load on that window!

  • that dude

    FIND HER!!!

  • bMoles

    Anything that will help me feel more like Kevin Flynn is a great idea.

  • KillinTime

    I could see getting a small one put in next to ur bed that auto adjust to the sun light and time of day. Wake up, check your life stats and such. Get out of bed fully prepped mentally.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Windows errors will start being fun again.

  • themattyh86

    An IPAD costs roughly $600. Think how much a standard window size of an IPAD would cost. You are looking at a $6000 window, that with one bad toss out in the yard by little Timmy is now broken.

  • kosmo

    One step closer to Tony Starks bedroom window in ironman. See also > dope.

  • Baxpin

    The coolness of this is inversely proportional to the price tag.

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  • Maytrix

    I guess Chive has never seen this?

    Nice to see its reaching a point where we'll start to see it in very high end homes and /or businesses. The above is a much cooler demonstration though and some of the tech is already in use such as the Subway display.

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