• Amênreïn

    Another useless bullshit, just like the Ipad !

  • Danny

    i would get one if it would blow me..

  • Anonymous

    That should hold up really well in extreme sun all day..

  • Steven

    It isn't a bad idea in a small apartment or loft. You could have it as a tv/computer monitor with little space taken up.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    I stand corrected. I'd still like to see a demonstration of it's actual trasparency. This demo simply looks like a monitor.

    • That_will_be_all

      the "town" behind the screen is the demonstration bro.

  • Albus Q

    I think it'd be kind of cool but not worth the cost (whatever that will be)

  • AB

    Did you all miss the part where she said it was a one-sided pane? People on the other side can't see through it.

  • Badasallgetout

    If it keeps her in the kitchen I am all for it!

  • Kyle

    Yo dog…I heard you like Windows…

  • Jason Z

    And still no Hoverboard….

    • MonkeyMadness

      I want a hoverboard before I'm too old to use it!

  • juanca

    this is so house of tony stark

  • james mfp

    Its all fun and games until it glitches and your neighbor catches you watching porn….one sided or not shit happens….that being said I want one in my windshield so I can text and drive…its still so difficult.

  • Ty-Ty

    Yes i'd like a 5k window to check my twitter/facebook account. Stupid waste of money.

  • fail_truck

    Love the do not touch symbol below the TOUCH SCREEN WINDOW!

  • IronMan

    Jarvis… That is all

  • KayMan

    it's cool, but how much time does a sane person spend standing by a window?

  • B.J.

    Interesting idea but I thought one of the points of a window was to let light in?

  • LBarto

    Just what i wanted, to stand next to a wall when im at my house or place of business.

  • @mkingscott

    Freakin' awesome – is this not what Tony Stark had in his house? 😉 Crazy…

  • monoxxide

    this is for the women stuck in the kitchen all they need to do is spray some of that hydrophobic spary on it to make it water proof and they can do dishes and face book at the same time my idea if it happens im sueing

  • brandan

    This should be the door of my shower not a window on my house.

  • David O

    You dawg, we heard you like windows, so we put windows in your window!

  • Anonymous

    holy crap thats awesome

  • OneEndedStick

    She sounds like Sweet Dee

  • VPMercado

    Needs apps where you can look like you're fucking with the people outside the window.

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