• Otter

    I've seen it demoed as a mirror instead of a window. Stand there shaving or brushing your teeth and check out the news, weather, and some Morning Awesomeness…

  • jabberwocky

    Noone wants to walk to the window to do that. Especially if it is really sunny out. However, putting all the functionality into a bathroom mirror so you can check the weather while brushing your teeth… That's useful.

  • Patrick

    what happens when the neighborhood kid hits a baseball through your multi-thousand dollar window?

  • josh

    honestly think its retarded

  • Brad

    Can I open it to let some air in or is it fixed?

  • ken

    I wonder what kind of insulation value that expensive beast has… It better be at least dual pane, and hopefully triple for that kind of cost! I almost wonder if it isn't a screen that shows a camera image from the other side of the wall… Either way one more way windows can help raise the electric bill :)!

  • MonkeyMadness

    It's a really cool idea, but are you really going to want to have to replace your window every 3-5 years? How does it stand up to extreme weather? High and freezing temperatures?
    It's real nice until the next door neighbor puts a baseball through it. (not that it happens all the time to me but with my luck, as soon as I have it installed, something comes crashing through it.) 😛

  • Frenchgirl

    yeahhh you can check the weather with an app on a window which has a view on the outside…wait…

    • WTF

      WTF ?? U MAD?

  • yournamehere

    I see what you done there

  • Jiji

    So now, if you are a thief, you don't need to break in the house, just steal the window: awesome xD

  • Anonymous

    Any one else check out the gnarly j lenno chin?!

  • Sigg Allen

    nothing gets approved until Apple says so.

  • Alisha Carter

    I'm pretty sure that people are going to start stealing windows now!

  • Sergio From-Rio

    So wanky. Do not want.

  • Mc3

    Minority Report, huh? This too shall pass

  • Wiiam

    Pretty cool. I can only imagine it is a camera so there would be no need to worry about a baseball.

  • Matt

    Hope that's anti-bacterial glass. Making hamburgers then swipe your hand across the window/screen….ewwww!

  • @RichardMUFC

    I would finger this girl and that’s about it. Two digits at the most.

  • Da Sandman

    pointless… you can do all this on an ipad or any other tablet pc… and pay much less
    plus, if there's a storm out and a heavy branch hits your window, you're pretty fucked

  • wellthatsnice

    seems risky…as a rule i dont fap in front of my windows anymore…this seems bound to break my rules

  • bryainiac

    If you are saying negative things about it, would you be mad if it was your window?
    I know I wouldn't, that is awesome.

    • WTF


  • Justin R

    I can see something like that in my bathroom to give me things to do while I take a dump.

  • Stewgerts

    Old shit

  • Buzzz

    kicking a football through a window has never been this much fun

  • Johnny

    I'd buy it just for the shutter thing, and maybe the weather. There is absolutely NO reason to have facebook or apps on this. We already have ten trillion devices that can do that (cell phone, laptop, ipod, tv, xbox, etc). With a cheap enough price, many many people would buy it.

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