• Katie

    I just came

  • Graeme

    why has no one else pointed out that you're checking the weather while looking out your window….

  • Erock

    What happens when a baseball goes through a window?

  • Slav

    I have seen that 20 years ago in Star Trek.

  • fakyuol

    bullshit. tech like this will never see the light of day for all of us cos the corps will just keep on squeezing out from tech 10 yrs ago until bleedin dry.. so yeah. fuck the humans.

  • Blurple

    A touch screen computer with a webcam?! HOLY SHIT!! we're in the future dude!! If that's all the future will offer I'm disappointed. Also why would I want to replace natural that comes into my house with screen light? When this actually becomes a window with a HUD then it'll be interesting.

  • @Jorgepro8

    i prefer the girl!

  • Occupy The Gap

    I want one in my ride

  • Dan

    You should check out “a day made of glass” on YouTube, that shit will knock your socks off

  • kcford

    Show me my hover board and we’ll talk.

  • michael monckton

    i think that was in total recol

  • ElJefe

    Kinda just like looking out a window, there's some stuff out there

  • Nuri Hodges

    Saw this at DSE last year.

  • HotashNerd

    I thought this was going to be a joke involving a window but in fact it was no joke at all… Disappointing

  • buckinut51

    One of the coolest things I have seen!!

  • 2cool4skool

    One of those times when defining want/need can be very difficult.

  • burn1D0WN

    the current version of the window is kinda lame but the possibilities it could lead to are cool! Like if your windshield could have a gps right in it or an airplane's windshield with this technology could be cool and useful

  • Anonymous

    i think the second

  • Sam

    This kinda scares me…just a little bit though.

  • roberto

    0:51 she chose sushi but the window showed something else?

  • etcrr

    reminds me of back to the future

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