You are stuck (28 Photos)

  • Private Party

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  • ChaseTheWalker

    #20 Keep digging, keep digging…. almost there…. keep digging.

  • blah


  • Anonymous

    #24 its a jeep thing

  • waterloo cristeniunmsteth

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  • Paul

    #20 Body painted shorts couldnt be tighter..

  • Mark

    #22 The dickhead crew commander who drove that fucking lav that deep into that shit should pull that out himself. What a cock sucker. But I bet he just stood there the whole time expecting everyone else to do the work. Faggit. And thats why I'm getting out of the infantry. Faggit fucks like that.

    • SilkySapper

      typical infantard, blaming his own idiocy on someone else. don't worry, we got lots of you bullet magnets in the infantards to replace your dumbass, you guys are a dime a dozen. You run chicken run or a Prickly cowboy?

    • doogs

      Romeo romeo romeo…we're stuck

  • LivingDeadBeat

    #1…Seems to be luring the right kind of specimen…where can I buy one of these traps

  • 3 coop

    Just another fuckstick private corporal complaining and whining about how the infantry aint nothing like it is in the movies and that you actually have to do real work. Get a fucking role model.

  • CBDeadman

    #20 I'll be happy to help get those shorts unstuck

  • BenB

    That sure is a funny looking kitchen she's in.

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