Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (27 HQ Photos)

Are you a hot girl that frequents the middle of nowhere with a camera? Send your pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • El Chive


    • Kyle429

      Michelle Vawyer. You're welcome 🙂

    • whyme1973

      That is an ass that I would love to get behind.

      • mihaisuzuki

        Stay in line.Bike boy got there first.

    • addictedchiver

      Good lord, love to get lost with her out there! Thankfully not a slutty porn star for once!!

  • akkkkkaa


  • negativesm00th

    #23 These poor girls must have had their plane rerouted mid flight. Someone get them a jacket!

    • wokka


    • Mr. AT

      I believe it's s salt, not ice. So they don't need a jacket 🙂

      • Mark

        I've been there. I can tell you it's neither salt nor ice but rather Calcium.

    • doubled

      I think that's a salt spring in Pamukkale, Turkey.

    • negativesm00th

      Well sit on my face and call me Lucky, I didn't know!

  • mitter78

    #5. That is all.

    • Chazz_B

      who is she? she is gorgeous

  • Seannerz

    #6 Cold weather can't keep her from being hot.

  • Big Joe

    #11 I thought these were supposed to be hot girls!

  • Kodos

    THIS… and lots of her.

  • Maverick

    Good Lord #19 and #6, I have to start wondering around in the middle of nowhere..

    • Mr. Facepalm

      "Wonder?" Really???


    • Mavi

      You sound like a psychopathic killer :p

  • cwk

    #6 how is she levitating that tic-tac?!

    • MattKL

      The power of hotness.

  • dgd

    Please find her

  • JamesMFP

    Nice collection today…

  • Nova 73

    very curious how 11 made the cut. 6 though…wow!

    • Dan

      #11 is one of the hottest girls in the post, that's how.

      • SockMoney17

        Thank You Dan

      • tim

        Seriously! WTF is nova talking about???

  • Oddie Monsta

    #1 #21 LAAWD HAVE MERCY!!

  • NaTaS

    So no longer "Hot girls in the Middle of Nowhere" but "Hookers in the Woods".

    • Bob

      Some do look slutty but others like #10 are simply stunning and not slutty…

      • Lotus

        Better than all the other "middle of nowhere" posts where nowhere is a beach.

        • its_forge

          Believe me when I tell you there are some beaches that are literally the middle of nowhere.

      • geek

        I like sluts.

  • Bob


  • G

    Who is number 11! Find her and tell her never again

  • Chuck

    #6 and #12 Rarely have mine eyes seen such beauty!

  • EasternCanuck

    #1 now that's what watching survivor should look like

  • Vic

    I'll take #4! you all can share the rest.

  • MikeBedlam

    #1 #6 #12 #18 Are fantastic.

    This and burn your bra are my favorite Chive features. I can't get enough.

  • BobbaFett

    1. out-of-doors; in the open air: to dine alfresco.
    2. outdoor: an alfresco café.


    • negativesm00th

      Too much effort put into this crappy comment

  • likes boobies

    #21 nice shot!

  • Kevin

    I can see her Bum 🙂
    Marry me

  • spicticus

    #5 #20 and #27 need more

  • Riley

    #4 Do you like long walks on the beach?

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