Rememeber to send in those college shenanigans

  • Matt

    Call on meeeee

    • dumbass blonde

      im listening to eric prydz right now omg

  • Winter.87

    and yet,
    I fear…
    Epic Post Fail.

    • banana flapjacks

      not first and not last so double fail bitch boy

    • Pudge

      sucks to post first when you're not, hey

    • Douche McFuckstain

      Why do people still think it's cool to post first? Please explain….

  • imyourhuckleberry

    You were second. You suck at life.

    • Alejandro

      Tik jan, gracd amen baric zgacvum a te iqchnan es sirum U et balansi, kayunutyan masin vor grel es im kyanqum et shat a pakasum Shat urax em qo hamar, vor ETQAN sirum es u ETQAN sirvac es, u tox misht tenc lini

  • Oddie Monsta

    Ok, I’ll not send you pictures from the not college that I not got to not

  • Dary
    • Anonymous

      Fuuuck soo cute

      • Duane

        Tik jan mi kich erkar petka grem Nax mersi vor grel es u hima dasi jamin nstac chem dzandzranum u es em kadurm Apres vor grakan AYO , VOCH erov ches grum tenc shat aveli ankexca hnchum Menak mi hat nkatoghutyun unem O u VO n, ե u է n mi shboti ..Shat angrageta nayvum . Sorry, prosto lezvaban linelov handerdz chkaroghaca antarber ancnel et pasti koghkov . Muah :*

  • BloodScrubber

    For some reason, I feel the need to watch Animal House again tonight.
    << enter John Belushi….".was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

  • P Dangerously

    Looks like green shirt is pretty close to completion

  • Chivedroid

    ETA to Android Chive App?

    • banana flapjacks

      i heard February 2017 so hold ur breathe

  • Garvey

    I have the.strangest boner right now

  • Nit Pickin Ahole

    and you Rememeber to use spell check Chive

  • Stick

    Some how I don't think a picture of four people playing with Legos would make theChive. (Unless we had a beer in hand, of course.)

  • Anonymous

    Thechive sucks I’m out. Fuck you cat Saturday, fags and fags own cats!

  • Anonymous

    The intern souls put a shotgun in his mouth and kill himself he sucks!!!!!!!

  • Hilife

    ive sent in a picture of a 8 foot vertical snow dick my friends and I made twice in our common area and it has never surfaced! im not submitting anything else until I see my giant anatomically correct snow dong

  • TheOneTheOnly

    Anyone know this guy? Myself and co-workers are 99% certain we know its a guy we work with but he wont confess that it is him. So if ya know….let us know….

    • guentherec

      I know exactly who this is because one of them is me. the other kid making the "OH face" is my friend and the girl he is grinding on is his ex.

      • TheOneTheOnly

        His name Derek Pals from Clear Lake, Iowa? I work with a kid that looks just like this guy. He swears it isnt him, if it isnt its his twin. From the looks of it, even if it is him, he wouldnt remimber it.

  • Ethan Guenther

    The one in front is me Ethan Guenther (went to univ of Iowa freshman year) and the kid in the back is Kevin Clancy.

  • ABC
  • Robot Policman
  • etcrr

    Somehow, I don't think this guy is gonna make it too much longer

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