Hot Right Now: Nosy neighbors kept peering into her yard, so woman took action and created private nook (21 Photos)

Soooo…. you got wasted (30 Photos)

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  • Bcbigbud

    This catagory is retarded. Why dont you just show some junkies shooting up and overdoseing….. its the same shit

  • Ireland4517

    #1 – Fireball!!!!!!!!

  • HotashNerd

    What a lovely place to wake up to

  • Ricky

    #24 Instead of taking a picture,, her fine ass self ought to be getting tapped!

  • Tim

    #28 those are chemical beakers. So those beakers are (probably) contaminated with all kinds of chemicals.

    • Ryan

      Or they are contaminated with long island ice tea. We are in Yokohama, Japan at a bar called the Hub. Don't worry Tim, we got this! We are kind of professionals.

    • chris

      The Hub is the Shit….I worked on Camp Zama Army Base back in 02-04 and lived on SHA and The Hub wasnt far from home. I actually have one of these somewhere n my addict. Good times. Hooah!!

  • It's420Somewhere

    Surprised the guys who take these kinds of pictures stop sucking each other's frat dicks long enough to do so.

  • drew

    Weed rules. Alcohol sucks. Drink all you want and PUKE your guts out. I'll get high and not have a booming headache the next day.

  • SeanoLasTres

    And then his head was hit by a subway train.

  • bless1

    #19- bahhaahaaa!

  • Roxye

    #1 is my sister. i'm so proud…

  • cara

    ohh thats gonna hurt when 24 hits the ground >.<

  • yaboyblue

    Find 24, ass is soo fine

  • Wader88

    This is in cancun … That bartender fucked me up the first night I was there… Good times and I think they were three colors or superman is what I think they called them lol but drink enough u tend to forget stuff… Lol

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