10 Obscure facts about Martin Luther King Jr

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    #7 Wow… I hope that's fake.

    • Tom

      Unfortunately it is true.

    • JLay

      I wonder how many times a day MLK rolls over in his grave?

      • Dr_StrangePants

        -sigh- one wonders indeed

    • Roy1531

      Funniest/saddest thing I have seen in tributes to MLK, Abilene TX. MLK Memorial bridge goes over train tracks!

      • pointgiven

        I'm from there and know the bridge you speak of, but don't understand your comment. What is funny or sad about the bridge going over railroad tracks?

        • Bobby Light

          Roy1531 is an idiot. He is thinking of Malcolm X, not MLK Jr.

          When he was a boy, Malcolm X's father was found dead on railroad tracks after being ran over by a streetcar. Evidence suggested he had already been killed by white supremacists and his body was placed on the tracks to cover it up, although this was never proven.

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      Yep, that is definitely a dude in drag.

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    Two of the ten facts are the same, you owe me one fact. Second, from guelph

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      JFK when asked about the plight of the American black said, "I don't lose any sleep worrying about the plight of the negro."

    • burt reynolds

      How about the fact that "Dr." MLK is only has a PhD because he plagiarized his thesis. NY times is a pretty reliable source. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/10/11/us/boston-u-pan

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        Yeah but he was still pretty cool.

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    Thank you Dr. King for your hard work, dedication, and forethought

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    Seriously? A Kennedy breaking the law? Who would've figured that? #4

    • 123

      How was it breaking the law? I love people who still carry around grudges against the Kennedy's. Not only does it help spot crazy right wing nutbags but it also helps tell which posters are drawing social security checks for retirement. Do you ever feel creepy on this website looking at all these young people?

      • clemgrad03

        Dude, save it for the political websites, you're acting like a jerk.

        • 123

          You're absolutely right. My bad.

      • Mike Ock

        Funny you auromatcally assume a republican is old and a right wing nut bag. Let me guess, you are in college or you just graduated. Lol. It is very rare to find a college graduate over 30 that actually believes in ANY left wing policy. Socialism is working out really well. Lmao. Fetus

        • Markus

          You obviously have no idea what socialism is. We are nowhere close to that.

          Btw, I'm over 30 with two degrees in business related topics. Most well educated individuals actually support liberal policies. This is because they actually make the country stronger. See the US growth rate from the 50s through the 70s, when we had the strongest liberal policies in our history. Then look at what has happened since the 80s when our politicians started dismantling those liberal policies. You can thank conservatism for our current economic woes.

          It's idiots like you that the GOP wins over.

          • clemgrad03

            ACTUALLY, most well educated individuals realize politics suck and we're here to avoid mean spirited baseless rants. Now be gone to Huffpo…

          • George

            Nailed it.

        • iChive

          Hmmmmm, In the office I work at, there are 6 people here regularly. Of the 6, the only non-graduate is a conservative Republican, the other 5 are college graduates and liberals. Of the six regulars, only 1 is under 30 and she is a liberal. Kinda blows your theory out of the water.

          • dirtysteve99

            iChive, not really, your Office can't bee seen as indicative of the whole US workforce.

  • rabble

    #5 , And 98% are in the ghetto.

    • Douche McFuckstain

      "I'm stuck on MLK Blvd"
      'RUN!!!!! The media is coming!'

      • Slauterhause

        That is easily Chris Rock's best bit

    • niggaaaaa

      98%? I think you mean 100% and they should change "world" to "US ghettos"

    • dukeofohio

      ^^^ suburban kids

    • sadman

      Also a good location for socialized eugenics programs like Planned Parenthood.

    • Tony "yea I said it"

      And I love that damn near everyone is in the ghetto! Love it. Some of you white people are soooooo jealous now. Soooooo Jealous. You wish you had a significant dream huh? Stupid.

  • Mike

    #7. Typical.


      F you cracka You dont be knowin about black people. We the smartest race on da planet and yous all just part black anyway cuz africa where all people were born.

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    Um….yea great facts about a great guy…..um, are you guys taking the day off?

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      yes they are…and apparently your ability to read is too.

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    #5 and they are all in the ghetto. Can someone explain the irony behind that???

    • njposter
      • Ned Flanders

        And in no way ironic…

      • Harold

        Well, if it came from Wiki then it has to be true.

        • dirtysteve99

          More often than not, it is Harold. It's a lazy argument to call Wiki in question.

    • Lisa

      was thinking the same thing. the MLK avenue in DC is not somewhere you want to hang out after dark

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    Can’t decide which is crazier, #7 or #11…

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    #9, really they have a “draem”? Fail.

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      And on a side note, what's a Deram? Double fail.

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        looks like they need a speak and spell….

    • HUH?

      so now you see the problem with "separate but equal" schools.

      • dirtysteve99

        I agree HUH, I think Americans should have an education on a par with real people.

        Just kidding 😉

      • Smitty

        I disagree. Education begins at home and in all schools and homes regardless of locale, they are ALL failing in the very first thing that needs to be taught:

        Why schooling and education is so important.

        It is not a problem that is unique to the schools that you are thinking of. All schools and all parents are failing at impressing upon, encouraging and motivating our children to succeed and to win. Instead, they have been told from a very early age that there are no failures and no losers. They win and get an award for just participating. Some education districts have actually legislated to remove 'fail' from the language of the district, instead replacing it with 'deferred success.' In others, the district has banned their teachers from correcting children's language when they use Ebonics.

        It's time to take off the kid gloves and stop coddling our children.

        English may not be the actual official language of the Unites States, but it is the De-Facto standard for education, business and communication in this country . It's time to go back to teaching it correctly.

        It is also time to go back to calling a spade a spade. If you don't succeed, you FAIL. If you don't win you LOSE. No better luck next time BS, do it again and do it RIGHT.

        It's time to untie the hands of out teachers and let them teach the way things were done two to three decades ago. If not, in one to two decades time from now we will be sorely taught a lesson at the hands of the students of other nations. They are already 'barking at our heels' as it is now.

        • George

          I like everything you say. It really does "sound like the problem." Of course, it is "the problem" in suburban public schools mostly attended by the white population; particularly the "everyone wins" mentality.

          Step out of the majority middle to upper-middle class white suburbs (the place where the majority of the white population in the US grew up) and you have (a) the elite, extremely gifted students who attend elite public schools based on merit (b) extremely well-born students who attend elite private schools based on money; and (c) minority students in poor neighborhoods, neighborhoods that are often sealed off from job opportunities because don't have cars and can't access the jobs in the suburbs, and neighborhoods with schools that are so underfunded (due to lack of property taxes generated from the impoverished neighborhood paying for the school), that they are overcrowded, provide no real opportunity, and serve only as a daily holding place for children.

          The real problem is that not everyone is born into a middle or upper-middle class white suburban family and neighborhood. Though most people are born that way, a substantial number of people are born into poverty or near-poverty…into families and neighborhoods that have, for generations, been torn apart by racist policies, community decay, and poverty. Generations of poverty and community decay lead to cultural and social ills…the kind of ills that many middle to upper-middle class white kids think are inherent to minority communities.

  • Jibber

    During his autopsy did they find the extra bone in his foot?

  • MikeBedlam

    One of the real American heroes. R.I.P. Dr. King.

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    It is Mind the Gap Monday! I hope this post is not all we are getting.

    • rikooprate

      Preach Brother Zoxy!!!


      Forget that! What about FLBP???

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    I honestly wouldn't call these "obscure" facts about him. But decent none the least. Should have included the fact he was republican though……just to keep with the theme haha #11

    • MSM_Sucks

      Well said, no one in the MSM talks about that. It was the Republicans that pushed through equal rights not the dems. Look it up people…

  • Fred


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