10 Obscure facts about Martin Luther King Jr

  • Phiz

    You know, for those of us that don’t live in the States. Waking up to no new posts from theChive is a sign of the armageddon. Give us some warning!

    Oh and I didn’t get any redheads last thursday. Make it extra special this week.

    • Miro

      So true! I thought 12/21 has come early!

    • iChive

      Who would have thought that a business and web site run in the United Sates would have to send out notifications to the world that they were down for a day? How about getting a life and dealing with it. Life….finds a way.

      • Phiz

        Dude, relax. The comment reeks of sarcasm. And you know what? For a site that has a following world wide, a little notice is nice. Not necessary, but nice. How the hell are we supposed to know it's a holiday? But again, sarcasm. Learn what that is.

  • driftwoodprose

    This just in – it's a federal holiday, not a national holiday. There is a distinct difference in that most private companies run business as usual.

    • George

      No, there is not a distinct difference. Arguably, the only "national" holiday in the US is the 4th of July. Other than that, federal holidays are days the US government recognizes. Businesses can recognize whatever day as a holiday that they want. TheChive is recognizing MLK, Jr. Day. Mississippi is recognizing Robert E. Lee Day (and being the poorest and dumbest state in the union). Whatevs.

  • MRtickle

    How hard is it to steal pictures from reddit and post them on your site? I guess its good that the chive workers are taking a break from there normal of pillaging of other websites in honor of MLK day.

    • iffystoopid

      i agree, but reddit has 30 garbage posts for every 1 worth looking at, The chive sifts through the trash and posts anything worth viewing

  • lauren

    the facts are very interesting, but i feel like some of the pictures are a little disrespectful.

  • Big James

    #3 What nobody noticed that it says Mark Zuckerberg not King… Crazy.

  • llano2

    Most of the people who voted against the Civil Rights Amendment were Democrats.

    Most of MLKs later work ('64-68) was dedicated to class warfare not civil rights. Even the Washington Post panned him back then.

    • George

      The democrats were conservatives, dumbass. FDR, Kennedy, and LBJ oversaw the shift in the Democratic party. Notice in election maps over the years that the conservative southern states were all blue (democrat) until Kennedy, when the south went red. The Republican party was a very liberal party when it was founded (abolitionism) and it even ushered in the TRs "progressivism," which was/is hated so much by today's conservative republicans.

      The only people to wage class warfare were well-to-do whites. When an oppressed class tries to rise up and be represented, the privileged whites call it "class warfare," and paint the oppressed as oppressors and the oppressors as the oppressed. Get out of here.

  • hark1985

    #9 welcome to Merika!

  • Anonymous

    Its not disrespectiful. They simply left out some facts. Such as he was actually funded by white men and protected by the government. His arrest was staged. Several blacks tried to have him killed. And he admitted that he was a thug and originally took the job to make money. He admitted this prior to his death. By the way I’m black so don’t try to be ignorant

  • Anonymous

    First? how can it be?

  • All equal but him


  • Anotherchiver

    Wtf you guys can’t just take every holiday off, I fought its a federal holiday

  • Anonymous

    Its not disrespectful they simply left out a few facts. Such as he was funded by white people and protected by the government. That some blacks tried to kill him aswell. That his arrest after the speech was staged, that speech was actually written by a white guy. And he admitted he was a thug and that he first started the campaign to make money. Oh yes I’m black also.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a shit. He’s just another dead monkey. Its on the calendar but you don’t have to celebrate it.

    • Mike k

      Really just a dead guy? Come on

  • Its worse now

    He worked so hard to make millions of drug dealers, rapists and murderers in America, love him so much. I remember going to school as a child getting a beating everyday. I can recall just yesterday how I walked my daughter to the doctor through a maze of pick pockets and drug dealers shouting "GET COKE" "GET WEED" at 1pm in the afternoon in Manhattan. Is not a day that goes by I see the face of yet another young rapist on the news, thank you MLK for all you have done.

    • maggiemay13

      You are one ignorant person. First of all, MLK did not fight for the rights of drug dealers, rapists and murders. He fought for the rights of human beings just like ourselves and everyone else. Because you have to walk your child past drug deals yelling about coke is because of our government's anti-drug war policies. Prohibition doesn't work, history has taught us that. You have to walk your child past rapist and murderers because of America's justice system and their failure to incarcerate criminals with much worse crimes (and keep them incarcerated instead of letting them out on probation) because we are wasting money and resources on the drug war (there are a lot of people in prison today for just selling weed and I'm sorry, I don't believe that's something you should go to jail for). MLK faught for people to live in a more peaceful world and to not see race as an issue. It is very wrong of you to generalize to drug dealers, rapists and murderers being only black people as well (as I believe that's what you were hinting to). Trust me buddy, anyone and everyone are capable of those things and race is not a causation of any of them.

      • Ricco

        Shut up whore and go make me a fried egg sandwich.

  • Anonymous

    Screw mlk I wanna mind the gap….. Bullshit

  • Gorgeous

    Wtf it my bday and no posts…fml

  • http://www.theincredibleawesomebrothers.com Mike

    #3 Mark Zuckerberg?

  • The J

    #1 Not sure this worked out like he hoped. I think a good portion of the votes were specifically based on the color of his skin. Perhaps soon we will be able to vote for a person based NOT on the color of his skin.

    • dirtysteve99

      You could have voted fro who you like, ragardless of skin colour, can't stop other people doing it, that's all.
      But don't worry, next time it wont be based on race, just gender.
      Oprah will be coming out of retirement to try get Hillary the black vote, like she tried last time.
      Because the fact that she/Bachmann/Palin are women is important, not the fact that they are awful people.

  • Dan

    #5 999 of which are in Atlanta

    • Steve Digger

      Which nigga comedian said, "You on MLK Blvd.? Run nigga run!! That the worst part of town!!! "

      So true, name a place MLK Road goes through anything prosperous.

  • Mike

    To the guy saying King “took the job for the money” and his arrests were staged…

    Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you know a damn thing about Martin Luther King Jr.

    Lose the ignorant heresay comments

  • neddy boy

    #3 Dr. King and his family visited Germany in 1934? I'm sure all the Nazis gave them a warm reception…jesus

  • Anonymous

    “That’s right, Martin…they elected a black man. Sadly, he didn’t do anything good for black people, white people, yellow people, brown people. He only took care of rich folks. Sorry.”

  • Andy 021

    Happy birthday black Jesus

  • Cal1

    Man I hate blue people, the red ones really annoy me, and don’t get me started on the green ones, wait!!!! Is my post bullshit, hell at least it matches the rest

  • Jawbone

    #8 Over 6 million miles? Were they including trips to the store and such, or just logged flights?

    • Ricco

      trips to the dope house and Church's fried chick'n

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