10 Obscure facts about Martin Luther King Jr

  • Ricco

    Fuck you and your token holiday, At least I'm getting double pay over this guy.

    • Liz

      What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • john

    yanno why black folks have nightmares? cause the last one that had a dream was shot and killed
    a holiday that's been forced upon us.

  • daz0diac

    Ignorant inbred bastards will never change…i pity all of you.

  • PubicJones

    White people are so fucking gullible and naive it's sick. It's ok though. Just as long as you feel good about yourself for being tolerant and progressive. I don't blame black for taking advantage of that.

  • john

    yanno why black folks have nightmares? cause the last one that had a dream was shot and killed

  • http://t1anddrebone.blogspot.com T1theinfamous

    Picture #5 is literally down the block from where I am.

  • Punk

    The man changed the way society thinks that’s awesome people thinking outside the box. But white people and black people today are still hateful and they never will but to the ones who dare to be different don’t give up.

  • Gooner4

    I'm very sickened and saddened about what I've read on this site today. The ignorance, childishness and immaturity displayed on this board is utterly disgusting. I was a little put off about the Chive's effort to start a petition making Osama Bun Laden's dead body photos public, but didn't make much of it. However, having African-American girls on MLK day and using these MLK facts and corresponding pictures was pretty poor. Maybe if you or your readers studied the Civil Rights Movement, you'd understand my and some other visitors issues. Don't think I'll be coming back.

  • Yo not da Man

    <img src+" http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/marti

    It only took one external pew to silence your cheating, philandering, plagiarizing ways.

  • http://chive.com lamhchops

    Haha people need to stop trying to change others MLK did great things but do you think he sent personal letters to way person who hated blacks? Probably not. Don’t try to change the person, try to persuade the people.

  • Steve Digger
  • Justine

    Cant we all just get along? No negativity. Life’s too short.

    • Ralph

      Really? What does anyone do that’s longer than living?


    Its Ashame To See And Hear That They’re still Racism Goin On In This Small World.. All I Have To Say To U Racist Fucks Is That, We Are Here To Stay Spanish,Blacks, chinese Ect… Point A Gun To Ure Head And Shoot Ureself Or Take Ure Eyes Out… Whatever.. We Here To Stay Bitch…

    • U fake anti-biggot

      You are the racist good sir. You use swear words to make your point, showing your ignorance. Calling anyone a bitch is an automatic FAIL in your argument. Good day to you sir!!!

  • Haters gonna Hate

    So many pretend anit-biggots when they themselves are the biggest racists of all. Yes you Biglu. You are such a sad little person. Scorning others when you yourself should be scorned

  • the mac

    Woah this post has gone way off what I think the chive meant it to be.. I just wanna say that I admire MLK and having so sexy black girls on here is not to show disrespect to anybody.

  • You missed the point

    MLk campaigned against not just racism but intolerance of all kinds. We don’t celebrate this day because “some smart black guy had a dream”, we celebrate this day to remind us that there is a different path. That we can be more than our surroundings and influences. MLK tried to show us that when we help each othe we help ourselves, that when we hate we harm ourselves. We don’t have to like each other but why waste time and cause harm concentrating on what we dislike when we can instead be pursuing what we love? He was an extraordinary man who people no longer truly know much about.

  • really

    They forgot to list that mlk Jr was also a republican. Funny how they ‘missed’ that fact.

  • Ryan

    I like how when pointing out racism it’s only white people who are racist lol

  • Lisa

    #7: i still didn't get it off. bastards.

  • Kenny Powers

    He was also arrested the day before his big speech for picking up a prostitute. The more you know…

  • Hooleyman

    The legend is bigger than the flawed man

  • Ace

    #2 is not obscure. If you didn't know that then you are full of fail.

  • Anonymous

    Whites and blacks can all fight to the end. Then me n my yellow brothers will take over the world. BWAHAHAHA

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    […] 10 Obscure facts about Martin Luther King Jr (thechive.com) […]

  • http://Thechive.com Black Debbie

    #5, aren’t these always the worst streets?

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