Return of real female soldiers…looking good (25 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    Some really gorgeous ladies

  • Kodos

    third from left… YES!! FIND HER!!

    • Asshole Aplenty

      She's in Afganistan

      • mooseknuckle907


      • Kodos

        nyuk nyuk nyuk.. good one!

    • Smitty

      No way man… Fine Miss far right.

      Imma be in mah bunk.

  • whyme1973

    #1 Beautiful
    #7 I find this arousing.
    #8 "Hey, what kind of kitchen is this?"
    #27 Amazing eyes!

  • wisemx

    Proud to serve with our Ladies. Ooh Rah

  • ceej

    can't wait to serve alongside you ladies (and men!) sometime very soon. love to see the smiles the Brigade posts!

  • Snoop
  • Chad

    #23 Here's your knocked-up non-deployable ribbon!

    • Way back in the day

      Oh and was then also promoted for not meeting any physical requirements

    • Way back in the day

      Why did my promotion comment get deleted, it wasn't bad, just funny

    • blackshoe

      I was here when this pic was taken, and served on this ship.. she's definitely NOT hot..

    • Johnson

      DC2 Stephanie Jeffcoat. She pulled 3 guys out of a burining space during the may 2008 fire. awarded the Navy and marinecorps medal..

      Served with her. Shes a great gal!

  • mooseknuckle907

    #5 yeah i'd let her win…and by let her win I mean she'd really kick my ass

  • Frank's Shirt

    Jamie Foxx is in the Army now? WTF?

    • 4everDistracted

      That's Navy…and no we got standards.

    • axendo

      She's on my boat, USS GEORGE HW BUSH.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #5 Indeed make love and not war!

  • ladderzombie

    Can you please do an IDF women post? They´ve got many beautiful female soldiers, too…

    • Rick

      I've had a IDF live fire training collection that I was going to checker with IDF gals, thanks for the suggestion, I'm always interested in post ideas


    FUCK YEAH!! Every last one of these chicks could kick my ass.
    #27 is awesome.

  • lanz

    #5 look at the guy in the background, #27, those eyes kill..yes i made a pun, problem?

  • Maynard B.

    #8, #27- And I thought women with rifles were hot. Lets get some close air support ladies!

  • maynard

    #5 and #24 DAym

    • thatnorwegiandude

      Norwegian army FTW 😛

  • Masschine

    Thank you ladies.

  • itsgalf

    I'm liking #4 on the left

    • doc

      have her get that thing on her lip checked out first just sayin or you be comin to see me in medical

  • sugerpusher

    #15 thus is exactly why they shouldent be in the army.

    • sugerpusher

      a porta loo each

    • nicetry

      sigh. try again. . …they're not in the army

  • N. Notmyname

    And "thus" is exactly why you shouldn't post

  • ChaseTheWalker

    I feel like I got screwed with my time in… never saw any ladies like this.

  • gunnysix

    #7 far right.

  • caleb

    those sure are some weird looking kitchens

  • Marcis

    #2 #3 sexy soldiers!

  • Wes

    Is number 1 in MEZ?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, number 1 was in MEZ, but not anymore. Good catch btw.

  • The_Stif

    Wow, gorgeous women. The amazing part is that I bet most of them are not wearing makeup, and still look great.

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