theCHIVE will return full throttle tomorrow. In the meantime, Black is Beautiful (25 Photos)

  • Work is Daily

    I wanna see 11’s hump!!!

  • A black guy

    Yo number 2 …find her. I do wonder how many black chivers:chivettes there are

  • Dickle

    Damn!!! #4 #18 #31………..DAMNNNNNNN!!!!

  • Timmah

    #28 is waiting for me!

  • Master_Rahl

    Lots and LOTS of hot! Thank You Chive for the beauty 🙂

  • mopmonkey

    #13 WOWSERS!

  • fabian

    All of look great to hell with them who think something else

  • TIM

    LOOK!! The new sheriff is a N>>>>>>>>

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #6 Moar!!

  • Daknarian

    #22 is a fine Specimen…. FIND HER!

  • Nick

    #13 and 14 are Asian

  • tLoko420

    #2 Moar!!!

  • #12and Kujo

    #13 #19 #21 hot Dayummm them some purty boofers!

  • luke atmydik

    Wow I’m surprised none of them have gold teeth. You shoot these shots with a panoramic cam you would see a welfare check somewhere in the screen shot.

  • Michel Payette


  • Anonymous

    # 13 wow u r gorgeous!!! Merry me please!?!?

  • @YoungCosby

    I don't think that Chive is racist, I just believe there's a lot of bias, that's all.

  • Kalvin

    Moar please!

  • Llama

    Another suggestion, Leola Bell.

    Two words for her: Good Lord.

  • Kanuko

    Find #19 and #24 pleeeeeease.

  • Bee

    The girl in #1 on the left is Bria Miles

  • Ace

    #1 (the left), #3, #6,#13, #31 are all full of MOAR

  • DatDude

    If I could chose my death it would be suffocation due to Stacey Dash sitting on my face and me refusing to let her get up!

  • DavidR

    I think this should be done more often.

  • Tricko

    To all those complaining about what color these hotties are or are not have missed the fucking point completely. Just revel in the number one reason it is fucking spectacular being a man, you get to look at (and on a daily basis I might add), and on occasion get to fuck, some of the finest women that walk this goddamn beautiful planet. I really don't understand what the fucking issue here is?

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