theCHIVE will return full throttle tomorrow. In the meantime, Black is Beautiful (25 Photos)


    Ok Chive, seeing as how you caved and pandered to a specific demographic due to ramblings from a typical self entitled mentality douchebag. I fully expect to see a post of ultra hot Red Neck Hotties With Guns post. It should conveniently be posted on April 28 th , as to memorialize the passing of James Earl Ray. And as you ducked out pf the office on mlk day, you can this day as well. Just post the gallery before you split.

    • sammy

      Funny thing with ths post is that most of these chicks have either fake or straight hair, light skinned possibly mixed and seeming to try to look white (beyonce and #13, #32). Is it me or are black girls trying to look white.

  • Anonymous

    I love 98% of them. Fine thread


    10 spoiled an otherwise perfect post !!!! AND I'M A BLACK WEST INDIAN !!!!!!!!

  • Tall_midget

    I am not a fan of roast beef.

    You caved chive, disgraceful.

    Why don’t you ever post inter-racial midget porn?

    Not very PC in my opinion. Discrimination in the first degree.

    • jasmine

      I LOVE roast beef!!! Although not a fan of pork, its very unhealthy.

    • Jackson

      Discriminatory?!?!? But the other 10,000 threads that exclude black women in 99.9% of them are completely unbiased…? Making one reoccurring thread to emphasis an otherwise forgotten market isn’t racist, it’s good business. Now getting upset, and accusing Chive of pandering over a single post (that you could easily ignore if you don’t like the girls) seems a bit racists. Where is the upset for the other 10,000 threads that obviously exclude Black women… We all come to Chive for the same reason; beautiful women. It would be nice to have a more diverse spectrum of woman represented on a more regular basis, until then Black is Beautiful will have to do. Chive on.

  • Gary

    More of #25 & #31!

  • *

    Love 24 amazing ass!

  • Tony

    #12, #24, and #28 MOAR please

  • Tony

    we need some MOAR black is beautiful!

  • Mykexl

    #24 and # 25 have skills!!! MORE PLEASE!!

  • sammy

    worst post ever



  • goon

    Alot of these chicks look like they are trying to look white or hispanic at least. Some of them look mixed and a few don't even look black at all.

  • Tadaw

    hoodrats around my way don't look like this.

    • Blackmantooboocoo

      This had me LMAO

  • throne

    I guess chive couldn't find any real black girls. Alot of these girls are mixed if not hispanic, and looks like a bunch of photoshopped pics. #25 is the biggest culprit.

  • Bob

    #20, #22, #25, #27, #32…I'm going to have to masturbate SO MUCH today.

  • Blackmantooboocoo

    These girls are nice, but y’all got to chill on putting down the demographic. I mean chive posts different demographics. That’s the point, jerks. Lots of posts have NO BLACK GIRLS. NO ASIAN GIRLS. NO INDIAN GIRLS. NO BRAZILLIAN GIRLS. I see y’all get mad when though when there’s no white girls. Man tall have plenty of shit to fap to. Chill on the bullshit and let us have a post, damn guys.

    Oh and BTW, the jerks who say these girls are trying to be white, GTFO. How come all your white girls want to be black huh? Wabt to be thick now huh? Fake ass fake tits now huh? Getting tans to look darker huh? Trying to learn how to dance huh? GTFO. You WISH you had what half these beautiful women represent. Fuck you racist ass motherfuckers. I enjoy all of chive but I’m gonna have to stay away from the comments. Some of you dudes got some serious problems.

  • Vizn

    #1 yes Bria Myles defiantly one hot black chick moar!!!!

  • Floyd Gray Jr.

    Got Damn! 1, 8, 9, and 12!

  • Dominika Kasiuk

    Thanks for sharing. I definitely would have addes that one to the list if i’d known about it. I’ll add it to the post now. 🙂

  • RandomPerson

    #32 is Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA 2010 🙂 Currently attending Bama

  • BloodyTrae

    like effing wow

  • Hawk a.

    Lets c some more black girls please. And lets have a day for big hairy bushes.

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