It’s Tuesday, you could use some motivation (32 Photos)

For more, check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • Mikey

    I love thechive!!!!

    • cubanitagirl

      ME TOO!!!!!

    • Chedster

      Every single one of these was posted on membase in the last two days.

      Chive is just reposting,

  • rikfucknmoranis

    #13 how many of u actually stayed and waited…i know i did

    • AKBAR

      nope sorry not me, i'm not a complete moron. You're welcome.

      • piler

        just an asshole

        • Gabler

          Nice friendly start to the comments section

      • trollface.jpg

        wow. ur dumb

    • Yes

      If it hadn't been posted before, then I would have. I knew better this time.

    • DaddyD

      I waited longer because your comment came first.

    • Judo

      Still don't see why anyone finds her attractive.

    • tm.

      Tineye was of no help this time.

  • aaron

    #29 find her 🙂

    • James

      Uhhhh….PLEASE DON'T!

    • bloop

      and throw her in a ditch?

    • TheTeto

      You guys leave Christina Aguilera alone.

  • AssClown

    The Mighty Boosh: "Im Old Greg!! Look at my Mangina!!"
    If you know this you are somewhat awesome…meh not really.

    • truth

      "Fuzzy little man peach."

    • word

      You ever drank Bailey's from a shoe?

    • YaYo

      Goth Juice… The most powerful hairspray known to man. Made from the tears of Robert Smith…

      /love the Mighty Boosh

    • Nemesis Enforcer

      "It's attached to your rob motha licka!"

      • Nemesis Enforcer

        "It's attached to your rod motha licka!"

        • truth

          Got to say, rob motha licka is way funnier now.

    • mooseknuckle907

      Lame way to ref old gregg. It's gregg with two G's btw

    • dooshypoots

      you ever drink baileys from a boot?

  • Driller

    Nobody say the F word

    • Spaz


      • Jak

        Fra-Gi-Le. Hhmmm it must be Italian

        • JDB

          haha, loved the Rugrats

    • Police


  • isa

    #2I can't stop thinking that guy looks like a blond Snooki…Jersey Shore from out space!

    • this is me

      Holy shit, maybe that's the plot of the next STAR TREK movie — "The Apple" episode but with the cast of Jersey Shore.

    • del

      looks like stephen lang…..

      • DrROBOTO

        shouldnt it read "doesnt ever improve"?

        • feuerbach

          I see what you did there.

  • echogeo

    …back in the not-so-subliminal days…

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #15i cant… ^-^

    • bollyver

      Not until were married!

  • Dray

    #32 Her skirt is so tight that it is making MY pants feel tight

    • Underbaker

      I would have been a contender for first if the blood hadn't stopped flowing to my brain.

  • zowie

    Make Pizza . . .Not War!

  • Holy Hell

    Vegas is now a bargin.

    • JOHN

      Until inflation hits. Thanks shitty politicians borrowing my future! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

      • Cumberland

        LOL. You see $2 blow job and you think politics??? Awww I feel so sorry for you.

  • FLBP?

    It's Tuesday, we could use some FLBP's.

    • qwert

      my thoughts exactly, as soon as i opened thechive today…

  • Dray

    #2. So Donald Trump has always had issues with his hair?

  • whyme1973

    I'd follow #18 for miles like that, just hope when I catch up, she as flexible as #19, if not, she can just lean up against something like #32 and I'll be happy.

    • MariJane03

      Nicely Put…nicely put

  • GernBlansten

    #8 The people who proliferate this should be hunted and killed for sport.

    • AyatollahTrolla

      My god you've just stumbled upon the next game sensation: Duckface Hunting! Instead of the dog picking up the ducks in his mouth, it'll just be some douchebag picking up the pieces…

      • GernBlansten

        While the duckface is a crime against humanity, I am talking about this whole toddler beauty queen bullshit. The kids should be placed in foster homes and the parents put in a sack and drowned.

    • Dazilla


      (insert duck hunt dog holding ducks here)

  • Carbine

    #6. *shudders* Exactly how ugly is a $2 hooker?

    • Black Bart

      Grab an old photo album and take a look at your mom. That's how ugly. Boom! I'm sorry, I'm sure your mom is a nice lady.

      • stun

        ^^ dammit beat me to the punch

      • Carbine

        My mom WAS a nice lady. She spoilt that by dying when i was 5. Miserable thoughtless bitch eh?

    • The Dude

      Doesn't matter B.J.

    • ebo


      • Carbine


    • Commando00

      beauty is only a light switch away……..

  • Oddie Monsta

    I needed this Monday

  • Adam

    #18 does anyone know if this is from a photo set or anything? I would love to see some more pics!

    • DoomsDayDub

      Don't mind me, just leaving a comment so I get updated if someone posts said link.

  • Dray

    Face like a stuntman's knee

  • PianoFingers

    Sorry, we're out of FLBPs and Mind The Gaps.
    Here's some Fluffy Socks.
    – Is that Chiveworthy?

    • Dray

      I'm guessing your cock sees more socks than tits so its fair

    • Falthor

      said footjob from said fluffy socks… yes definitely chive worthy

  • Bodhi

    #18 What smile?

    • smeyes

      the vertical one

    • stun

      look in the side mirror

    • Underbaker

      I thought they was talking about the one on my face from looking at this.

    • The Ugly

      Oh sir, you are hilarious…you see it's funny because the girl actually is smiling, you can see it in the mirror, but you are joking because her butt is also pretty nice and you jest by pretending that her butt is so nice that you didn't even see her smile. Oh boy I'm still holding my sides that was so funny.

      Seriously though, people who post shit like this sound like a bunch of past, present, or future sex offenders. I love the chive, but sometimes it seems like it's full of a bunch of frat boys who only dream about getting laid.

      • Dray

        aannd relaxxx

  • dukofohio

    #1 and amke a 100% awesome FJ

    • Falthor

      you beat me to it but i one upped you 🙂

  • Rusty

    #18…that made me smile, well before I knew there was a subliminal smile back at me.

  • shaunvw

    #4 Wrong….If those pizza boxes were recycled then where is the grease stain?

    • Dray

      They washed them

    • The Ugly

      I was totally thinking the same thing.

  • JOHN

    #6 #31 Fuckin Bush n' DerpBama. Can't wait for debilitating inflation! Go fuck yourselves washington!

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