Jon Huntsman pulls out of presidential race, leaves behind daughters’ Twitter Machine (22 Photos)

Liddy, Mary Anne, and Abby Huntsman have been on the campaign trail with their old man until Jon announced he was dropping out of the race last week. The girls' Twitter Page is actually amusing, they don't take themselves to seriously.

  • LLD

    Damn, I'm a democrat and I think they're beautiful!

  • Huge

    This is retarded.

  • LO...L


  • joo

    Why is it , that for every group of three sisters. One is uglier than the others. Never slightly though, its a pretty dramatic drop.

  • Josh

    The darker the hair, the better they look. But what a drastic difference between the steps.


    #8 Chivo

  • eic
  • Anonymous

    The one blonde one must be ib paib when she smiles..
    Its cuz her puss is too tight

  • waltgator

    #22 needs a good photoshop session…

  • Jack

    Jon Huntsman's Illuminati Ways!

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