• Paul

    The name of the crow……… Don King?

  • Jack

    Some men just want to watch the world burn

  • 123456789

    it's like Star Wars!

  • c-rizzle

    THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO UPLOAD<<<<<<<<<<<< God you guys don't know what to upload, stupid cat fighting video, THIS is them REALLY FIGHTING.

    • KillinTime

      Dude they fell off a roof! Crazy battle.

  • dawindbag

    Dude, not a cool post at all. Bad job Chive.

  • AP all day

    I like playing this with my volume cranked. My cat has no idea where the sound is coming from and goes nuts.

  • xfudgenxmeowx

    The black cat WOULD

  • ksupimp

    That's the freakin' Don King of crows… Was waiting to hear him yell "Only in America" after the fight.

  • tmc102464

    Yeah, that's a bit much – the black cat obviously spent the orange cat's 9th life, so take the video off. It was funny as hell at first, but this is a bit much.

    There's enough stuff on the internet about death already.

    Humans breaking bones doing stupid things I'm all for, but this is over the line for such a fun site like this.

  • ashton

    of coarse the black cat wins the fight

  • DjBlue

    corvids are awesome. also, poor orange cat!

  • Anonymous


  • Devlin745

    Magpie. Not a crow.

  • Dickle

    Wht would have made that even better is if at the very end one of the cats jumps out and rips that crows head off!

  • Dcolbert

    So… they did a study and crows can remember faces and remember who screws with them. I think I read about the study on cracked.com, but it is a legit study.

    With that said, it actually seemed like the cat was trying to screw with the black cat more than the orange one. Even at the end.

  • tyty78

    Scumbag steve's pet, scumbag crow.

  • thegoodnerd

    Fight my puppets fight! – Crow

  • Pete

    Where is this dump so I know where to never visit?

  • farthead

    i love crows and cats

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