Real life pin-up models posing for the artist (10 photos)

  • v81bjc

    Nice feature. Now you need one with the planes they go on…

  • lol cats

    i suck

    • internet police

      sure do

  • lol dogs

    no you don't

    • bigdeal

      you fucking do

  • scottwhiteahh

    When women were sexy!

    • Dick Salad

      So your saying they aren't sexy now? Welcome to the world outside the closet…

    • Yo Yo Ma

      and by sexy you mean "had giant, giant bushes".

      • Plurp

        Ohhhhh yessssss!!!!! I hate that bald pussy look.

    • YourMom

      Let me guess. You are 50+?

      • Jessica Condrey

        he ment to say when even dirty looked classy 😉

    • obi-too

      lol anyone else notice the artist "shopped" the models

  • bbbbbb

    the original Photoshop

  • Jbjb


  • Ned Plimpton

    Great bodies, but thank God for stylists!

    • Ned Plimpton


  • Walker


  • yodaddy

    photoshop long before there was photoshop

  • Zedhere

    Look! We made you in COLOR!

  • Brian


    Wow. Looks better in real life.

    • mihaisuzuki

      It's called real life….get used to it.

  • Devlin745


  • Zedhere

    #4 Is this where the Duck Face got it's start?

    • etcrr

      duck face started in 1575 bc

  • 80's Baby

    #4 I would prefer the one on the left.

  • wtf

    Old school photo shop.

  • whyme1973

    Classic sexy, right there.

  • Sean

    #8 Sybian Doghouse

  • Unfkngblvbl

    and not a single FLBP was given today

    • The_Stif

      Indeed. They are trying to distract us.

  • Hooleyman

    Classic & sexy … this is TheChive

  • Sleeping Giant

    Gil Elvgren is the master pin-up artist!

    • echogeo

      I am kind of partial to Hajime Sorayama myself.

      • Chris

        Sorayama is fantastic, but you to give Elvgren credit for breaking the ground back then.

        • Critic

          Alberto Vargas FTW…

  • G Monie

    These are all just terrible…

    • uncle fisty

      Your mom.

  • Lil John

    Vintage Hotness.

  • sugar

    Love the old school pinups, they should start doin them again.

  • echogeo

    They were known as dames.

  • dangerouslysingle

    Since these women all had FLBP then, isn't it safe to say they now have LBP?

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