Tan line Tuesday (28 photos)

  • iDuddis

    #24 you mean to tell me she once had normal looking human skin? i never would have guessed!

  • Steve

    Number 8 Lets go on a date!

  • Jesse

    I want me some of #4!

  • Chuck

    8. 19. 27. FTW

  • http://kamarblogger.com tiarasick

    #3 hmm..sweety
    #7 nice boobs

  • Bass

    This should be called skin cancer Tuesday

  • tommy

    #27 Wait a minute….Im pretty sure this girl is a trainer at my gym?

  • Arbitrary Name

    #16, easiest instructions I’ve ever received.

  • Anonymous

    thats more than what i can grow on my face

  • Coco

    18 works at lumpys???

  • Patratt

    #3 FIND HER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #1,8,16… I would have YOUR babies!

  • LLD

    #9 Is built like a guy. Sorry. Hips are kinda necessary to look femme from behind, aren't they?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck black power. Just Keep Your comments to yourself and continue to take my tax dollars that I give you every paycheck.

  • rossy

    wow please find #3 she's fecking gorgeous

  • Woody543

    #3 MOAR, please.

  • Victor "Newman"

    #8…Hello there.

  • etcrr

    #7 rocks, Chive On!

    • etcrr

      damn you are pathetic

  • JustTryingToHelp

    Hey chive, please find #16 and tell her that I do lover her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.a.williamson.1965 Paul Williamson

    #16 yes

  • aaron

    Im willing to risk the age of #24 so beautiful

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