theCHIVE will be going dark tomorrow to protest SOPA/PIPA

chive sopa logo theCHIVE will be going dark tomorrow to protest SOPA/PIPA

Tomorrow from 8am – 8pm EST theCHIVE will be joining the internet to protest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). The proposed bill, which will be voted on next month, is censorship at its very worst and the passing of this bill has far reaching negative implications for yours truly here at theCHIVE as well as many other sites, big and small.

Just because theCHIVE is going dark tomorrow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit theCHIVE. It’s never been more important, in fact.

Tomorrow, theCHIVE will transform itself into an online petition; you can easily email your local representatives to articulately express your outrage at this Draconian bill. There will be recap and open discussion of SOPA in the DAR when the blackout lifts.

For a fantastic explanation of this disturbing piece of legislative junk click here.

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  • apple wood fingercuff

    Keep calm chive on

  • http://thechive who?

    So no mind the gap or hump day???!!! Fml. All next weeks posts s!hould be hump day posts

  • http://thechive who?

    Race is only an issue anymore because black people make it one. Get over it allready nobody cares anymore. None of us had anything to do with the slave days and now yall have the naacp, and a whole lot of other organizations that give yall different opportunities and you still complain! I thought “gangstas” were supposed to be tough not a bunch of crybaby pansies. How about this one…what about the white boy college fund?! This is why we shluldve left them in africa.

    • Keep EverbodyDown

      You forgot to mention that the naacp and have those other organizations are the epitome of racisim today.

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  • Anonymous

    Stupid fuck heads

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  • Ball0189

    The Chive aka “stuff we found on reddit”

  • seriously pooping right now

    I’m seriously popping right now

  • seriously pooping right now

    I’m seriously still popping right now.

  • Anonymous

    Pay for an app that decides to take a bunch of days off pfft bull spit i say

  • Dan G

    No Hump Day or mind the gap ? What’s up, first MLK day now this, what’s next rain days ? A disappointed Chiver.

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  • Anonymous

    Just come on out and say it, if the black girls look good I dont mind looking at them I love all women. But I dont think we should just put any girl on here to be equal. Thats bullshit!!! Im sick of blacks and mexicans acting like there not treated however. Life is hard and unfair to all. So quit the pitty party. All this racist crap suks I wanna get on chive, see fine women and smile.

  • tiarasick

    i always support the chieve \m/

  • Coop

    Haha. Racial debates during a blackout. *choking on irony*

  • xspader

    My problem with this is its a law passed in the USA that affects evryone everywhere, yet we have no voice in the matter if we live outside the US….We dont like it either
    Pretty shitty if you ask me

  • Nutrod

    “the chive is going dark”? Its amazing what a few allegations of racism will do. Maybe just include a few minorities once in a while. No need to go extreme.

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  • Jimmy Smith

    Just wanted to show support. I get about 10 visitors a day to my blog, but still managed to black it out for the day 🙂

  • chris

    in greek sopa means be quiet,and pipa means blow job! so they all can shut up and blow us! Fuck SOPA!!!

  • Jeremy Fisher

    bbbbut bbut… hump day ;-;

  • crwddshack admin

    Dam you Scuba Steve!!!! Educate the Peoples, The House is like Vader, they want us to go to the dark side…dam you!!! Chive on, is da best, ju gonna luve it jes?!

  • Mud

    What happened to that whole "transform itself into an online petition" idea?

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