Welcome to the ‘Sanity Club’ — Ah, not so fast ladies (38 Photos)

  • http://Cmock127.blogspot.com Tater

    Love the ass on Contestant 3

  • Jay

    Gentleman, it’s called a Man Card! Get one!
    Bitches be Crazy lol

  • D_drogo

    I live by theTucker Max law.. if you dont know who he is.. thats your fault

  • BeerPerks69

    #1 Has got to be WASTED!! “hey I just fliped my car isnt it hilarious??”

  • A woman

    #32 I hope she's joking cause I want to slap that idiot

  • bob

    #23 I will do what every you want

  • Turtle

    #23 any guy that’s been with a girl long enough knows that’s the crazy ass truth!!!!!!!! NO JOKE !!!!!!!!

  • Fatimus

    They’re all sisters!

  • brokeneggshells


  • Anonymous

    Number 2 hotness

  • Haha

    #32- Find Lynzee Stauss on Facebook and laugh at her for being an idiot.

  • endplanets

    #32 I remember this from back in the day and it is still funny now. I vaguely remember something about it being a hoax but that was it.

  • LO...L

    #24 HER HEADS REALLY BIGGGGggggg……….

  • Anonymous

    Number 20 kill it kill it with fire

  • Merp

    I bet the aftermath of #9 was pretty damn hilarious…." and this is right before I lost my vision in my right eye…"

  • Anonymous

    This is sad and pathetic…

  • etcrr

    #12 you go hawkings

  • Lou

    Seriously, how do they get raised that way? Obviously not all do, but a goodly number.

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