• Chadwick

    I thought Austin Powers was bad. This chick takes parallel parking to another level!

  • artimasjones

    "Smart" car. See what I did there?

  • misschris

    If that was in fact a woman… god damn she just made my whole gender look really bad. I woulda been laughing too. Sorry for that ladies, but it's true.

  • Parvizio

    Yeah she / he had a hard time to park the car, but the OP is a douchebag.
    Screaming like a chick, and telling OMG OMG all the time won't even make it easier.

    And i bet hes an MAC user.

  • passwordistaco

    One of the most annoying videos of all time and it ends in a cliffhanger! Who is this driver? Are they Asian? Does anyone finally sucker punch the tool with the camera?


    Its gotta be one of the three "O's" – Old , Ovaries, or Oriental

  • pbb005

    At the very least, i admire their persistence. I actually breathed a sigh of relief for them when they actually got it parked

  • fhonik


  • MylesofStyles

    This was difficult to watch. I've witnessed something similar before, but I actually offered to help. She accepted and now we're married.

    Editor's Note: This story is bullshit, but I just love happy endings.

  • Cody Anthony Remmig

    Props to the guy who took this video the best thing if seen in a long time

  • HotashNerd

    I couldn't even finish the damn video I get so pissed at shitty drivers!

  • mick0311

    How does she remember to breathe?

  • Underbaker

    I'm using Firefox and they load just fine for me. Try going to and loading flash player for your firefox.

  • Martin

    LEFT HAND DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C-mac

    That was painful to watch. Would've taken a normal person about 5 seconds.

  • Deborahcalais

    You don't need a driver licence to drive this type of car, may be he/she try to park for the first time

  • Ari

    You've got to admire the persistence…

  • just-maybe

    maybe it was a student driver. who never learned?

  • omg women!

    Oh my god how can anyone be that fucking stupid i mean seriously you have one of the smallest damn cars ever made and you cant even park it i mean seriously is that person retarded. drivers like that piss me off i vote for revoking their drivers license

  • Zoe

    This made my fucking day

  • Andrew

    I couldn't stop laughing….even on the job. Women really don't know how much they make life so much better.

  • Bexter

    This was so hard to watch! Omg… Whether it was a man or a woman, they were complete idiots and should not be driving! Good god!

  • steviewonder

    "and god said, let women only turn the wheels to the right"

  • Jay

    They should have come at it with some speed! Lol Likeaglove!!!!!!

    The douche with the camera should have been a human and gone to help instead of bagging them out. My Mrs could not park till I showed her. Now she could land a jumbo fucking jet and slide the fucker into that spot 😀 Lolol

    10 points for that guy, he shoots to the top of my most annoying voices of 2012 so far and a nominee for most annoying douche of the decade

  • CaptainStag

    In all sincerity, shouldn't this video be sufficient grounds for [insert name of relevant US authority] to revoke her license? :-/

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