• Shaunna

    No proof it's a female.

  • bryan

    D@MN IT CHIVE!! THIS LITERALLY HURT TO WATCH. About :30 seconds in the pain was just unbearable.

  • Dustin


  • daz0diac

    This solves the old question…size really doesnt matter 😡 lol

  • Narcisist

    Must be from Staten Island, because no one in Staten Island can parallel park and I mean NO ONE.

    They all park three feet off the curb and they are always crooked or taking up two spots.

  • sean

    some men just want to watch the world burn…
    "that driver was clearly a woman"

  • ben

    how in the flying fuck are they gonna get out of that spot?

  • Gifted

    Easily fake.

  • Luke

    But in all fairness it was a damn good park

  • LLD

    Yes, it was painful to watch. It was more painful listening to the douchebag running commentary. And Yes, if they were gentlemen, which they obviously are not, they would have gone out to help, at least by directing, so as to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. It may have been a drunk, or an elderly person, or whatever, but at least, after a couple of minutes of obvious inability, somebody should've offered something! Then it could still be on video how some dashing American came to the rescue of an elderly inebriated Chinese midget trying to park a smart car.

  • Rick

    Wow that was embarrassing. Can you imagine what its like being a passenger?? I'd go crazy

  • Anonymous


  • mediumsizenuts

    That was painful to watch….. and listen to.

  • Tommy

    Really???????! Oh that’s just sad…..I can’t believe I wasted 4 1/2 mins of my life I can NEVER recover watching this.

  • passingthru

    Did this person ever take a driving exam? Who the hell gave them a license? If you are a cop do you take their license on the spot? I would.

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