Daily Evening Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Joe

    #48 Cherish the cabin!

  • Leonel_LyL

    Being sexy, you're doing it right. #40

  • o.0

    Daily Evening Randomness Photos = DERP

  • aciekay

    #9 brilliant! #25 bahaha! glad i don't require such a silly contraption. i love my boobs… ❤

    • dagleja3

      that statement requires photographic evidence to back it up

      • aciekay

        there's photographic evidence somewhere in the most recent sexy chivettes post. haha.

        • With Sugar

          More hints please, more specifically post date and pic number.

  • algore

    #8 take that tree hugging crap to another site.

    • Lotus

      Hey kids, if you don't like big banks join a local credit union. Either way I'd never take my money to a bank that invests in something with a reliable return (an "evil" coal plant that keeps electricity dirt cheap) over a risky alternative energy.

      Not saying that research shouldn't be done in alternative energy. Just no major commercialization attempts until a technology can compete using its own two legs without a big govt subsidy.

  • Haywood

    #4 Give the man attached to that foot a medal for being the luckiest man alive.

  • Jay

    #4 Apology accepted, Chive

  • Jonathan

    Nokia is a Finnish company….

    • Obecny

      Sir I believe you missed the point.

  • acloudypanda

    #6 One does not simply sensor the internet

  • d_boy

    No mind the gap. No hump day FML!

  • Stephen Hawkins

    #33 Yo dawg, I heard you like lakes…

  • Vent187

    #31 my fiancé’s czech and she is apparently hotter than the average woman over there…..but, alcohol is still awesome.


    Missed FLBP,and "Things That Bounce Thursday",WTF Chive.

    • etcrr

      It is only wednesday

  • RedditorMatt

    Yes! the DER is here!

  • freshfraser

    I intern in a congressman's office, and I spent the entire day processing calls against SOPA, so don't worry team. I didn't process one, not one Pro-SOPA call.

    • Albus Q

      I owe you a beer or 20

  • Vent187

    Dear chive,
    That was a fairly decent Tuesday return after the holiday, but what the F*@K happened to Wednesday?? Get it together for tomorrow, otherwise I will have nothing to do at work.

  • corban lipscomb

    About Damn time Chive! This just made my day

  • Jay


    Someone please tell me who #34 is!! Wow…

  • Albus Q


    Thank you Chive.

  • The Duke

    #17 you are a wonderful person. God Bless!


    #49 could’ve been the only pic, I def would’ve been happy with that!!!

  • ron

    Hey brainiac. Just 'cos Wikipedia was blacked out for one day doesn't mean that people will think that Nagasaki lies in ruins because of the earthquake which occurred on the other side of the country. Your gag would've been mildly amusing if not for your dumbass assumption that everyone is as so incredibly unaware as you. Try again.

    • Obecny

      you dont get humor do you?

  • Anonymous

    #40 great camle toe

  • TTT

    Holy round booty, Batman!

  • DTM

    #40 .. You are awesome!!

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