• etcrr

    Yup ok he's mature, Blaming a bad game on his rackets

  • tim

    I wonder what the rackets said to him???? They probably banged his wife

  • sprocket

    what an a-hole, bet if he had to buy them instead of getting them for free he wouldn't do that!

    • Rick

      Oh, I'm sure he get's paid to use those rackets…and I wonder what the conversation was with those sponsors after the match

  • Mr. T

    Just sad. I mean I can understand getting frustrated while playing a huge match, worth probably tens of thousands, but throwing or breaking your racket, let alone four of them, means you don't have control of yourself. If you don't have control of yourself, how can you expect to have control of the situation.

  • elroger

    marcos baghdatis (yep that is the name) was being destroyed by swiss tenis player Stanislas wawrinka I gues that was his way of leting it all out, he won the set but ending up loosing the game. Sad sport attitude after all

  • Kevin

    pretty uncharacteristic for baghdatis…. but it does make for more entertaining tennis highlights

  • amaze

    there goes his sponsorship from that racket company

  • A2_tha_MFK

    I loved it! Love his face just before he smashes the new racket in the plastic, priceless! Everyone is allowed to completely loose it every once in a while, good on him.

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