Fallen police and firefighters from last December (32 Photos)

Thank you to our friends at “Honoring Heroes”. You can read about these fallen heroes here

Thank you to our friends at “Honoring Heroes”. You can read about these fallen heroes here

  • etcrr

    R.I.P first responders and special agents

    • Jacky

      If the sub saitton is installed at the Hillsdale Town hall, then my opinion is NO. First I feel the taxpayers of all the communities should have a vote and a say on what Our tax dollars are being spent on. As of right now you can’t drive through Hillsdale/Copake without passing a State trooper, Sheriff or Copake police. Why is more needed? If and this is a big if the sub saitton does come to Hillsdale, then we should desolve the Copake Police and put those tax dollars to use that will better suit the Town of Copake. Just one taxpayer opinion.

  • Bob

    Thank you for the post. May God bless these fallen officers, agents, firefighters, and K-9's, and God bless the families in their time of need.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000685543837 Trevor Wasik

    Logged on because I knew that first post looked familiar. Niagara county resident, and I had met that dog a few times. The officer was a real nice guy, as well. God bless you, little buddy

  • Emre

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  • Spicyulcr

    #16, It was a pleasure and an honor working with you Mike. We miss you. Rest easy on your EOW, you deserve it, Sarge! Cheers!

  • Dustin

    You guys have no idea how much it makes me feel good that I can come on the brigade and look at these heroes and not have to worry about the stupid people commenting non stop on "fuck the police" "fucking pigs" I can honestly say I love this site!

    Coming from a Canadian soldier, planning on getting into law enforcement after.

    Thank you guys and girls, you truly are heroes.

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