Veterans support local Iraqi restaurant after vandalism (Video)

Iraqi war veterans poured in to the Babylon Restaurant in Lowell, MA to show their support after a string of hate-crimes left their front window shattered. The restaurant is owned by an Iraqi family that recently immigrated to the U.S.

  • etcrr

    Awesome I will have to go to this resturant, I live 45 minutes away. Go American Vets

  • unreal_vector

    Thanks (again) to the war vets!

  • sshuggi

    It's sad that some people just don't get humanity. We're stuck on this rock together and there's nothing you can do about it. So why waste what precious little time you have on hate?

    • designit

      thats well said.

    • Asher

      Well Said!

  • kent

    The US is actually a very accepting country. There's just always that small, ignorant minority who mess things up for everyone else. Usually it's someone who has a miserable life and needs to take out their frustrations on someone else.

    "Hurr, these people are brown, my life sucks, let's damage something!"

    • jordan

      The end of your quote is missing a big piece of the ending. Allow me to help you out. "Hurr, these people are brown, my life sucks, let's damage something. DDEEERRRRRPPPPP!!!!!"

    • Shockeck

      I am from Canada and my heart will always be with Spirited Beautiful American Cities like Detroit and Chicago. There is so much soul to them that makes you want to be apart of them. Keep your wonderful identity!!

      • kent

        You're being sarcastic, right? Detroit and Chicago are the worst cities in the US. If you are being sarcastic, you're also being a bit of a d***. Can't judge the US based on the absolute worst parts of it.

        That would be like me going to the First Nations areas of Canada (where quality of life and poverty are worse than any area of the US) and then claim that it represents Canada.

        • Ryan

          You ever been to Chicago, A$$HOLE?

    • Da Sandman

      yes, america is very accepting.. that's why forreign exange students have such an easy time fitting in yout schools…

      • kent

        Um, they do fit in unless they're arrogant assholes that come to the US thinking that the same shit flies here that flies in their country, thinking they can rag on the US with impunity, and who can't take mild teasing in return.

      • Kev

        The ones who fit in are the ones who are open to meeting new people and not just hanging around the first people they meet who speak the same language as they do. I know plenty of exchange students who try very hard to immerse themselves and are successful and I've seen way more who refuse to speak to people who aren't like them.

        • B52

          I concur. You'd be surprised however at the number of American students abroad who only want to hang out with other Americans… Don't think that having a blue passport means that a person isn't a dick, Americans can be just as disrespectful of another persons country as those who immigrate and refuse to integrate into American society.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        I've lived in 5 countries, and have met international students while attending 3 different universities.
        the overwhelming majority write back how they miss being in the US.
        Mark my words that the phenomenon of same-country clics walking around campus is by no means exclusively american….hell, i much less of it in the States.
        The only real, universal gripe that disappoints my internationals is the lack of public transportation and the difficulty of not having a car.

        • B52


  • dominios colombia

    People coming together good news Thanks..

    • USMC0331

      go back to colombia, before i come there and shove a folgers can in your ass, the old metal kind too


      • J0R

        You're not a Marine. I'm Colombian and have family members who serve in the US military. Don't drag the the name of the Marine Corps down with your asinine comments. Peace.

  • Yasir_Khan

    Keep Calm & Have Faith on Humanity

    • uncle fisty

      Best comment ever.

  • real talk

    if you guys ever get the chance.. TRY IRAQI FOOD.. it is AMAZING..

    • Rion

      When I was in Iraq with the Marine Corps, I would always eat with the interpreters even though we were told not too. I love foreign foods and they have AWESOME food, especially the bread. I would buy bags of bread from this Iraqi lady every day, $1 for a bag of like 8 pieces, and it was cooked in a mud oven.

  • Shecki

    I live about 30 minutes from Lowell and will most definitely try and make it down there to have some dinner and show some support.

  • Chris

    "Lovely city of Lowell" The first time that has ever been said.

  • ThanksVets!

    Another classy move by US veterans. Thanks for your service fellas (and ladies), and thank you for continuing to serve!

  • Jay

    I think it's great that this guy was able to migrate to our beautiful country and not only start his own business, but also contribute to the rest of society. Unlike other immigrants that don't contribute to the society, demand different rules and laws, and even burn our flag.

    • ChicO85T

      Unfortunately that happens waaay to much up here in Canada, there should be a limit as to how much a country is willing to bend over for new immigrants

    • B52

      Well, the whole flag burning thing is tied to freedom of speach. This is the Land of the Free, where anyone can speak their mind (hate speech aside). I've yet to see or hear of an immigrant burning an American flag on American soil.

    • DirtyChar

      And they learned English too.


    Would be kind of funny if the owners were the ones that threw the object through the window lol think about it, what a great publicity stunt and such wonderful free advertising. Entrepreneurship at it's best right there!

    • Jay

      I gave you a thumbs down not because I disagree with the possibility of what you say, but to not condone the topic stated.

    • Shawn

      You sir, are an ass.

  • Occupy The Gap

    Socialism exists to ensure the poor are not unhappy enough about their social-econic situation to rise up in open revolution against those who conspire to keep them down!!!!
    Capitalism depends on cheap labor to maximize profits. Obama, by supporting socialist policies is actually helping to maintain the lower class as WAGE SLAVES to the 1%

  • Occupy The Gap

    Uhhhh, Sorry we bombed your country back into the stone age… Is there some way we can make it up to the survivors?

  • haji dont surf

    Stop coddling the enemy &

    harden the fuck up!

    Stop kissing their ass over a broken window!

    -OIF/OFF Vet 2003

    • BigRick69

      Wednesday, January 18th, 2012: The day restaurant owners became the enemy.

    • B52

      You got a name and rank? I have a hard time believing a real war vet would have any kind of problem with speaking his/her mind and sticking to his/her opinions.

      Wasting my time, you're nothing but lip, scum.

      -son of a Vietnam UDT vet. Hoo ahh.

    • Armidian

      You sir are retarded

      OIF Vet 05 & 07

    • USMC0331


  • CPT Obvious

    I'm a vet, and I support this message.

    • Boby

      I am Former US Marine and i support this Message as well.

      • ALT

        I am an active duty Army CPT, and I support this message.

  • Evil_Twin

    @ Occupy the gap

    The U.S. Is a socialist country! Your takes go to fund your military and police don’t they? That’s socialism! You’ld prob argu that every American deserve the right of protection. How about the right to be healthy? Or educated? No difference. Wage slaves? You’re talking out of your brainwashed ass. I live in Canada I am 24 years old with my own house and vehicle. I don’t ever have to worry about getting sick or injured, and I make close to six figures a year doing carpentry. Now tell me how this is worse than the average American.

    • kodakkid

      Well evil twin Canada has lots of people living below the poverty line that need hand outs and the food bank to get by the country has its problems too!

    • Jimmy Smith

      Its colder… on average. Next brain buster.

      • kodakkid

        That's a plus easier to find ice for your drinks.

    • JDB

      Canada = Poutine… Nuff said.

    • bob

      thats not the definition of socialism dumbshit

  • Evil_Twin


  • observer

    You spelled ” veterans” wrong in the title of the post.

  • Work is Daily

    Another boring post.

    Sorry I don’t really give a shit about a rock through some Iraqi immigrants restaurant window when 1000’s of American restaurants are going out of business. Fuck them and their restaurant. Why aren’t our vets supporting 100% made in America/American restaurants.

    • boby

      Probably the quality of those places aint as good as an Iraqi restaurant.

    • BigRick69

      You are insane. Nothing you said makes any sense. He is an American, and his restaurant is in America supporting the American economy. Do you want cheeseburgers to prevail over timman? Is that the war you are fighting?

    • ChefScott

      As a chef I can say the a large amount of the corporate restaurants out there are not owned by born american citizen. Let us never forget that we are a country of immigrants! Yes we are American's. Those restaurant owners who are of Iraqi decent came to this country for the same reasons all of our ancestors did!

    • XXX

      Cause duochebags like you eat there

  • Evil_Twin

    They are just as American as you are. Your whole country was built on immigration. To think that they are less American than yourself is just an example of the rampant ignorance that led to this hate-crime.

  • Work is Daily

    Evil Twin…if i knew who u were i would give u a good old American ass whooping! Give me a fuckin break with that bullshit argument. Just as American as me? No fuckin way! We’re these Iraqis born here. Fuck NO. I WAS!! As the article stated they recently immigrated here. They are even referred to by TheChive as Iraqi family! If their gonna cry about a fuckin rock go back to Iraq!! Millions of businesses suffer from crime and theft including mine!! It’s a part of life these days. They should kick your evil ass out of America!!

    • Alicia

      I'd like to see you try to move to a foreign country and start a business with a whole family to care for. A lot of young Americans don't have the ambition to get off the couch and get a GED!!!

      • USMC0331

        Work is Daily i will imagine is one of those kids

    • scooterb

      Do you pay your taxes? I doubt it! Your probably bitching because you are tired of sitting on your ass during your #occupymycouch protest!

    • kodakkid

      Hey work is daily do you realize that you are the 1% of Americans that give the other 99% a bad reputation.And by the way if you bothered to pay attention evil twin is not American.

    • Elan

      Oh, fucking hell. You and Evil Twin need to learn to use the goddamn reply button.

      You're both dumb as shit.

    • USMC0331

      I will give you the folgers can too, colombia will be very happy.

    • A-nom


  • highspeedmofo

    @ Work is Daily — Do not try to speak for the country I serve with your undereducated, populist, and xenophobic rants.

    • USMC0331


    • Lisa

      As depressing as some of these ignorant comments are, it makes me feel better seeing stuff like this and knowing there are more people like you in the world than racist pricks like Work is Daily. Thank you!!

  • wowowowow

    about fxxxing time north american people start acting with some sense! CHIVE ON!

    • Dan

      About time? Do you think this is the first time that people have stood up for a minority that was the victim of a hate crime? The good news is that this type of thing is the rule, rather than the exception. There are very few ignorant scumbags that support the dumbassitude of attacking someone that is different. And as is typical, the American military and veterans step up first and fight to protect the oppressed, just like we have always done. I'm proud of the people in this video. Bravo Zulu, guys!

  • Carguy95

    Nice to see some acceptance and support towards others. The guy makes a good point ; whoever started that restaurant is living the true american dream. He probably came over here with very little and is doing his best to make an honest living. More people need to be like him.

    • Lisa

      Yeah it seems like lots of people have forgotten that most of us all came from immigrant families at one point or another. If it weren't for the perseverance of people like that restaurant owner, most of us wouldn't be here. So get off your high horse and realize that America was built on immigration.

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