• Carguy95

    Nice to see some acceptance and support towards others. The guy makes a good point ; whoever started that restaurant is living the true american dream. He probably came over here with very little and is doing his best to make an honest living. More people need to be like him.

    • Lisa

      Yeah it seems like lots of people have forgotten that most of us all came from immigrant families at one point or another. If it weren't for the perseverance of people like that restaurant owner, most of us wouldn't be here. So get off your high horse and realize that America was built on immigration.

  • Stubbs

    Note to America… This is what it is to be American.


    The rest of the world.

    Don't vote Republican in 2012. Chive on and be Americans.

    • mac

      Dont vote republican? Yea cause this democratic regime thats currently in charge has done a great job. Before you speak next time turn on the news and see the shit storm that our country is in. And not that bull crap that your shitty liberal arts college pedals off to you.

      • Stubbs

        And you are clearly part of the solution, aren't you?

    • andy

      a nice comment ruined by the "Don't vote Republican in 2012" bullshit. it's this shit that divides our country. some vets did a nice thing (and were not peddling any political idealogies) and you feel the need to tarnish it with this divel.

      love, a bona fide democrat

  • Work is Daily

    @ highspeedmofo – Your undereducated comment makes no fuckin sense. Reread and recomment with some sense and a valid argument.

    • Pro-american

      @work is daily

      Lol okay hitler. Matter of fact why don't you go read about him. It's those exact words that you said that lead to him destroying the world.

    • Lisa

      Was it because he used too many big words?

  • Bob

    Respect. Iraqis are just like us they just want to live in peace.

  • Commando00

    I'm a veteran….and I support this message

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=597355273 Chris Arnett

    I say thank you vets for setting the example and thanks to The Chive for posting this Video. Love, Peace, and Chive On!!!

  • 2cool4skool

    This is awesome.
    I wish there were more depictions like this of America, vs. pictures of slobs titled "Only in America".

  • Glennder

    I will be there next week. Work 20 minutes away…

  • America

    Brown camel jockey mother fuckers! GO HOME! YOU SMELL!

  • Don King

    I have served in this United States Army for a decade. I have spent 27 months over three deployments in Iraq. I have spent an additional 6 months in Kuwait, 3 months in Guatemala, and am currently working on a 9 month deployment to Djibouti. For those congratulating the Veterans on their support, thank you. For those who are saying disparaging comments about the situation, fuck you. I fight for your right to talk shit about these Iraqi immigrants, but I also fight for my right to remind you that you are epic fucktards who contribute little to society. This Veteran organization makes me proud. That is all.

    -SSG D. King
    Battalion Head Medic
    2-138th FAR
    (For those who think my Military service is bogus.)

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