• DigitalGuru

    Ha! Rock on!

  • Pedobear

    *puts down the lube*

    Misleading title. Don't you ever do that again!

    • Police

      lmao. wowwwww

    • YoSaphBridge

      Sick fucker!

      But I lol'd

    • mihaisuzuki

      And runs like hell!!!

  • =U=

    i dont know Chive. but what the fuck is wrong with you

  • Michael

    Supes Hardcore

  • MJ81

    Cute song, cute girl, funny perverted innuendo.
    I give it a 8 out of 10.

  • Dylan

    Rock will never die! Long live the metal

  • Matt


  • macdaddy


  • Easily entertained

    "Let's open up this pit!" Had me rolling.

  • Anonymous

    This girl is legend, wait for it……… dary, legendary.

  • G.N.V.B.

    This girl is awesome, if i was his dad, i am be so proud

  • Chogme6

    that's awesome! i dunno why people hate this music.
    that simple as shit breakdown just gave me chills, and made me punch my desk

  • Davis

    Ha ha ha lets open up this pit. Soo funny.

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