• Gentlemen...


  • Vinny


    • @TN_Kenny

      Got one thing to say to this……YUP

  • Matt

    That's why dancing is amazing. Elements of Tango, hip-hop and blues with a beautiful lead / follow relationship on the floor all improvised on the spot based on what feels right. Go find a basic (East Coast) Swing or Argentinian Tango lesson, they'll be happy to show you the path to moves like that

    • Colin

      You wouldn't happen to recognize the song do you?

  • John

    Found Albir Rojas and Sara Lopez

    • your not so bad

      I dont know what the deal is with the link you gave… it doesnt even look complete, and my computer gave a virus warning… but the names produced solid results with a google search. THANK YOU.

  • Brian

    Never got a good look at her face…….and dont even care…Good Lawd!!

  • thansen

    I dont kno what else to say except OH MY GOD

  • @NickVNO

    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!! sweet gypsy geezuz!

  • Colin

    The song is: Nao me toca by Anselmo Ralph

  • Guest

    who is sheeeeeeeeeeeee must… knowww….

  • lalivirhi

    dude wear a condom plis!! that was hot!!!

  • Daniel

    I know this girl!!Portuguese CHicks RULE!!

  • AEON

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Albir Rojas and Sara Gomez 🙂

  • vex0611

    Albir & Sara France Kizomba 🙂

  • @kaiser_wilhelm


    • @kaiser_wilhelm

      Now i've seen her Name… didn't look at page 2 yesterday.
      Thank you John!

  • Joby

    Whats the song?

    • Valiant

      Anselmo Ralph – Não Me Toca 2011

  • edouardthurston

    I love and I just released my free eBook of poetry on and on the ipad iBookstore.

    Loyal Chiver,

    – Edouard

  • Lena

    Her Name is Sara Lopez.

  • Hoehemheim

    am taking dancing lesson…fuk it.

  • psychopompus

    F..F…f.fff FIND HER NOW! It took me a min to get that out after being rendered speechless.

  • AndreLei

    Now you know why the dude wears baggy pants.

  • Kiwi_Pete

    her name is Sara Lopez (found this link on one of her youtube videos)


  • Ricardo T.

    This is a Portuguese music.. Kizomba style.. 🙂


    FIND HER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That ass is just… Yes!

  • ricksib

    Albir Rojas and Sara López

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