Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

murraycarton500 Bill F@#cking Murray has returned

After being sold out for a month, Bill Murray has returned to theCHIVE in Black, Orange, and Green. Let’s face it, Bill’s return will be a brief one.

We know that KCCO has also been sold out forever. We’re working on that and we should have a date for y’all soon. Stay away from the Ebay, half of those Keep Calms are forgeries anyway.

Bill Murray available RIGHT HERE!

Surprise! A limited supply of Bill Murray ‘LAUGH’ posters are back in stock RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes and colors in BFM SOLD OUT, a few posters remain right here.

  • baker

    more nerve racking than i thought it would be

  • felix

    after 6 tries, I have slain the dragon

  • Kenny

    and it is sold out at 3:02 EST

    • jacob

      no it's not 🙂

      • Ian

        For the navy one in XL it was.

  • sammy

    love my BFM, got a couple chive on's in Sarasota with it. Went to chicago last weekend, got like 50. strange

  • Kcruz09

    Got mine. First my orginal chive, then my KCCO, now my bill fucking murray(well as soon as it gets here)!!!

  • Sandra


    i basically got mobbed in San Fran wearing the thing

  • BangBangBart

    my size was sold out in 2 seconds

    • UncleSam91101

      try again

  • eljefe9

    the black MXL literally sold out in one second….however…i kept calm, i chived on….and got the navy/green one!

  • J dawg

    Went to check out at 3:03…fuckin sold out. Been chiving for 6 months and do not own a single damn shirt. FFFFFFFFFFGUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK…silent G

  • Dennis

    saw so many Bills in Vegas, made for a great weekend meeting chivers. i don't remember much tho 😦

  • Ari Darmon

    fucking sold out already!!!!!! this is the 5th time i tried and clicked the button at 3 oclock on the dot, im seriously starting to get a bit pissed off!!!!!!

    • larry

      other items already loaded in cart …. check
      constant refreshing of Bill F'N page … check
      Page finally allows add to cart with size selection…check
      proceed to checkout at 3:00pm….SORRY SOLD OUT OF XL
      WTF Chive?

    • Wiley

      yeah, I forgot about the damn time zones and missed out too.

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Not keeping very calm 😛

      I just kept refreshing and nabbed a Black XL when it finally fixed itself

  • joshua

    I AM SO PISSED!!!!!!!! Payday is not till tomorrow…. 😦

  • helpful

    try again, sometimes it doesn't actually work until like 3:03

  • MikeT

    Finally I did it! Black XL BFM! I skipped class because I didn't trust my school's wifi.

    • Sean

      I should have skipped class

  • Clint_Schmitty

    And Medium was almost immediately sold out! Why I even bother trying any more.

  • Sluttypanda

    so when can i get a kcco?

    • Taco Juan


  • cpl05

    YES, managed to snag one in grey/orange.

    • peanut3603

      Me too…. fuck yeah

  • Stacey

    Got mine – 2 sizes bigger than normal – BFM will be my new nightshirt to wear while backpacking in Europe at the end of the year. Need to spread the Chive love after all!

  • Nu

    Sopa for chive tees

  • Brahma

    Got mine. Epic.

  • Ian

    Fuck yeah I got one at last.

    • Taco Juan

      Poop Stick! Congrats!

  • Chad

    Got mine. Had to refresh a few times for my size to finally come up. Black BFM on the way! Now I just need a KCCO.

  • theblenny

    Finally got a fracking bill shirt. Thanks for making them available again Chive.

  • AWeiner1989

    Got a Navy and Black in XL. So happy

  • Outrider45

    All XXL out. I am feeling very un-chive like right now. Not even a late Hump DAR can help.

    • shaunvw

      That's good cuz Hump DAR was yesterday. Today is Thursday

      • dumb ass

        not real sharp, are ya son?

        'Hump day, a day late and a dollar extra (69 photos)

        January 19, 2012'

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